Tuesday, April 24, 2018

AJ Turns 8

We celebrated AJ's birthday this evening with family dinner night at the club (chicken parmesan) followed by cake and presents at the house. More photos here.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Fire, Snow, and Outpatient Surgery

Jonny's outpatient procedure came first. They wanted to scope way down his throat to check for possible causes of his throat clearing. All clear. Couple little things to watch, but no biggy. Then it snowed, and among other things, the adult boys managed to have a gar at the firetable watching it snow some more. We watched some cool YouTubes of DIY terrariums that last decades on self-contained ecosystems.

The stank eye was because he was hungry and couldn't have food pre-op.

Oh yeah, and this pic was for Jon.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Snow Plowing

We got a little snow last Thursday night into Friday morning and thought that was pretty much it. But Saturday morning brought the scene shown below. It was pretty much all gone by Sunday evening and today's high will be in the 70s.

Lexi played it safe inside with E. Bunny for a while, but later...

Jonny plowed a path.

Pre plowing.

Friday, April 6, 2018

Boulder with Siscos

Nana, Papa, and the Siscos headed for the hills of Boulder, CO for the week (April 2-6) and had a great time hiking, eating, drinking; repeat. All the photos are here.

Lucille's for breakfast. New Orleans style.

Snooze, another fun breakfast place. Walnut Cafe was also fun, different.

48 miles of trails into the Flatirons from Chatauqua Trailhead.

Pearl Street Mall

Salt became our go-to eatery.

We hiked along Boulder Creek Path starting at the top of Pearl Street.

Eldorado Canyon State Park was fabulous. Looked for rock climbers all day.
It's just west of Eldorado Springs. Keep going through the nothing town.
Eldorado Springs is about 15 minutes southwest of Boulder.
Hiked about 5 miles, easy to moderate. Take food/drink with you.

Ted's Montana Grill hit the spot after Eldorado Canyon.
That's Adolph Coors. On the way home, we stopped in
Golden for a quilt Museum, a distillery, and lunch
at Capitol Grill. We'll visit Coors next time.
Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum in Golden
State 38 distillery in Golden (very close to the quilt museum)
Came home to an ice storm of sorts.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018


Our first fluffy snow, kinda wet, perfect for snowmen.

Jonny made his own.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

A Little More Weekend Miscellany

Art class.

No matter how much we water this plant, the
chocolate will not grow back.

Lynn finally got the German pancake to cook properly. Then add
powdered sugar and raspberries.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Goin' to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo

Another fabulous outing to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo! And this time we tried out their restaurant, which turned out to be quite good for a fast-food, cafeteria style place. Thankfully Tracy managed to get us an indoor table while Lynn, Fina, and Jamie got the food. The wind made it a bit chilly outside. All the photos are here.

Oh yeah, Tracy got some color in her hair.

It smelled in here.

The meerkats are always a crowdpleaser.

Bird feeding was a new activity, and fun!