Sunday, January 27, 2013

D.I.Y. Weighted Blanket

Last week while talking with the boys pt (physical therapist) about a few of David's random behaviors and lack of sleeping at night she mentioned perhaps he might need a weighted blanket.  Which seemed like a brilliant idea and totally easy to try.  I headed to Google to see about ordering one and about gagged when I saw the prices.  Which lead me (after a couple people mentioned it) to make it myself.  After doing some research it didn't look to hard to make, so I decide to give it a try.  

A quick trip to the fabric store and Michael's on Friday, and by Sunday evening we had a weighted blanket for probably 1/3 the price, or less.  And the fabric is yummy lovie soft minkyness.  Umm yes please.   

Of course, if you decide you want a weighted blanket I photo documented the whole process for you . . . your welcome.  

The first step was to determine the size.  Since my guys are little, their blanket is pretty small. 

I cut my two fabrics (front and back) in a 35 inch square, which after seam allowances the weighted area ended up to be a 30 inch square. 

Then I sewed it together inside out on three sides, like a pillow case. 

 Turn it right side out

After turning it right side out, I sewed an inch border around the three sides sewn together just to give it a little something.  (you can see the border in the picture above in the lower left hand corner).

Next, I sewed vertical tubes using a special foot on my machine that helps sew straight accurately spaced lines or you can draw the lines on to follow.  My tubes were 2 inch but you could go all the way to 5 inch tubes.  (the vertical tubes are on right hand side of the picture)

For weights you can use anything: popcorn, rice, beans, etc.  I heard mold can grow in blankets made with "organic" weighting material and I wanted the ability to machine wash the blanket so I decided to use plastic "polly-pellets" for weight (see picture below)

Using a food scale I measured out the amount of polly-pellets for the weight I needed for each square; it happened to be exactly 3 teaspoons per 2 inch square. Using a funnel we poured 3 teaspoons into each channel.   To determine weight:  the total weight should be 10% of the persons body + 1 lb.  Divide the weight of the blanket by the number of squares to get the weight for each square.

After pouring enough polly-pellets for one row of squares in each vertical tube I would then sew horizontally to seal it.  For my blanket I did this process 15 times.

After filling and sewing all 15 of the horizontal rows I top stitched the open end and boom......

We have a 4.5 lb weighted blanket.   

As I neared the 2 lb mark of the blanket it did get rather cumbersome for the machine to sew but we made it through.  When looking into making it, I read a couple places to prepare myself to break a lot of needles.  I am proud to say we didn't break one needle and we didn't end up with polly-pellets all over the floor!  

And of course what blog post is complete with out a picture of this kid!! Oh my goodness the cuteness.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Model Trains at the Oceano Depot

The twins got their first serious look at model trains today at the Oceano Depot where the San Luis Obispo Model Railroad Association was putting on a weekend show. And just to top things off, we followed up with lunch at the Station Grill and were rewarded for our efforts by a northbound Surfliner stopping at Grover Beach.

All the photos:

Friday, January 25, 2013

Prepping for the Raingutter Regatta

Following a Taco Bar extravaganza, the two middle kids got a head start on building and painting their boats for the February 22nd Children's Center Raingutter Regatta.

All the photos are here:

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Our School - It's the little things

I love our school.

Coastal Christian School

My kids love their school.  They talk about their teachers and class mates and how they look forward to staying there through high school.

It's little things.

Like the fact I don't have to get out of the car when picking up the big kids.  You just pull up to the cross walk and the teachers send out your kids.  It's amazing.  Sleeping babies love it.

That each teacher knows each student, not just the ones in their class.

They go on lots of field trips.  They get out of the classroom.

They take the extra time to help my child who needs a little extra patients, a little extra teaching, and a little extra time.

The fact that after the recent shooting our kindergarten teacher sent home a note telling us parents how much she cares and loves for each of our children and would protect them like her own.  How she took the whole class into the bathroom to make sure they would all fit.  When they did she called one of the dads whom is a contractor and the next day had him install inside locks up high on both the door to the class and the bathroom.

I love our school.

It's the big things too.

They hold high academic standards

God is present in all they do.

They bow their heads before school, during school and at the end of the day.

They celebrate our saviors birth.

I love our school

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Confessions from Sick Bay

We are now 7 days into the invasion of the flu/influenza/really bad cold/RSV.

The only unaffected by this rampage of sickness is..


Which means I have been playing care take to:

1 semi-sick great-grandpa
1 sick husband
2 sick grandparents
3 sick kids

(so I guess in truth the 3 older kids haven't been infected)

Oh and on little to no sleep.

At this point I am hoping to go down with the flu just so I have a reason to take a nap and get a full night sleep.

Although I know if I do come down with the flu I really wont get to take a nap or get a full night sleep, I will just continue to have to care for children while being I really hope I don't go down.

Yesterday I thought the babies were on the mend but then Jonathan spike a fever mid-afternoon.
David decided to spike a 102 fever in the middle of the night and was hacking up a lung.  

So off to doc this morning for the second time in 5 days. Yes, yes they do have RSV.  

The good news they are handling it well...if you mean well as in up all night crying and wanting to be held all day.

In the grand scheme of things that is well.  

Oh but this mama is tired and she had lots of fun play dates she wanted to attend.  Boo.

Jonathan cuddling up with his fever and mommy.