Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Great Pumpkin Roll of 2014

The Nipomo cousins and our friends from "upstairs" (up the hill) joined us for this 6th annual rolling of the pumpkins! All the photos:

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving Day 2014

It was just "usins" for Thanksgiving dinner today. The four Bigs paired up with adults to help with every part of the meal. And by golly if we didn't sit down to eat within 15 minutes of the appointed hour! Lynn and I visited Trevor and Jen this morning, too. We introverts give thanks for a wonderful day of "just us" once in a while.

Sam and Matt did the prime rib. Serafina, Matteo, Tracy, and Lynn seemed to be all over the place with Grandma's rolls, rainbow jello, potatoes, etc. And AJ and Jamie did the olive penguins. It was quite a day...

All the photos are here.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

A Month of Thanksgivings

Lynn offers these Thanksgivings (in no particular order):

Day 1 - Books

Day 2 - Food and Fellowship

Day 3 - Grandkids

Day 4 Family Fun (Easter...)

Day 5 - Family getting together from a far (more...)

Day 6 - The Gift of Music (more...)

Day 7

Day 8

Day 9 - Beautiful places (more...)

Day 10 - New adventures (more...)
Day 11 - Proud member of the
11 Airborne 511th parachute infantry
Day 12 - Healthy Blessings

Day 13 - Amazing Swim Instructors
Day 14 - Refreshing Rain to Run In

Day 15 - All the Ways to Love Blackberries
Day 16 - Important Causes to Support
#TeamJilly ‪#‎epilepsyawareness
Day 17 - Being Free to Let Loose (more...)
Day 21 - Blessed with a beautiful voice, Serafina sang for the residents
of the Manse in SLO - a wonderful way to begin the holiday season!
Day 22 - Sweetest of Grandkids in Nipomo.
Thanks to Jen for the photo, too!

Day 26 - thankful for the freedom to take the dog for a walk on this beautiful sunny morning!
And for friends who understand when I post a picture sideways,

or even just think I post a picture sideways even though the phone did it right.

Day 27: As Tiny AJ observed, "I'm thankful for my family and brothers and sisters."
All the photos:
Day 29 - For goofy traditions, like the Great Pumpkin Roll,
that family and friends can enjoy. Photos:

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Home Classroom

It's fun seeing this SLOCA hybrid school arrangement from the home side (after having seen it from the school side when I taught there a couple years ago). Here are a few shots of the goings on so far...

Carpets can be much fun!

Matteo's Viking ship

Sam's making Latin flashcards.

A timeline is starting to take shape.
Eventually it will be all the way around the ceiling.

You never know when you might need some beads, coins, marbles, or the like.

If anyone needs something cozy.

The "Kids' Cubby Hole" lower right is pretty cool!
That over-stuffed chair gets much use as well, mainly for reading.

Activities do spill out onto the deck.

Halloween costumes drift toward history they're learning.
Serafina is Guinevere, Matteo is King Arthur, and AJ is a Dragonslayer.