Monday, February 29, 2016

D..I..S..N..E..Y..L..A..N..D ! ! !

The Reguscis and the Gibsons headed off last Saturday for a 4-day trip to Disneyland. You'd have thought the roof blew off the house when they told the kids Friday night what was about to go down! Oh too have been a Mickey Mouse in the corner. Here are some pics snagged from Facebook.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Chinese New Year at the Railroad Museum

The boys visited the SLO Railroad Museum today for the Chinese Lunar New Year Celebration. The littles mostly did the train table while the biggers checked out the HO layout and the La Cuesta as well. We all went outside for the Lion Dance. More pics here.

Set Construction for Legally Blonde

Set design, construction, painting, etc. has been under way for at least a month now (or does it just seem like a month). And what? Only 2 months to go!?

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentines Day Cookies and Party

It was quite the event. Laurie and Hailey (and friend) were in town from KC and Cyndy, Nicola, Danny, Gavin, and Noah were in town, too. Trev and the girls came up from Nipomo, and Karen joined in the festivities, too! Even Josie was there for a while with Serafina. Decorating cookies, Matt's ribs, and playing everything everywhere made for quite the afternoon and evening!

All the pics are here.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

A Valentines Day Getaway

Lynn and Jamie had a little Valentine getaway to Santa Barbara. And we made some fun discoveries. Tre Lune is quite the breakfast spot in Montecito, so much so that we first met the wedding party of the century there. We would run into them a few more times by the time the wedding occurred at the Biltmore. After breakfast we tried to visit the Casa de Herrero, but they were booked. We stumbled onto the Mount Carmel Church instead and had fun exploring that a little while, then on to the Butterfly Beach. Nice walk in the fog. Our next stop was the Santa Barbara Botanical Garden (Lotusland was not open). From there it was back to Montecito to enjoy a mid-afternoon "lite menu" at Bella Vista, a restaurant in the Four Seasons Biltmore - which is where we once again caught sightings of the wedding party. We had a little time to kill before the play off State Street, so we cruised the Paseo Nuevo area. The play, "I Am My Own Wife," is a unique piece of theater, a one-man show playing 30 characters, telling the story of a man who survived Nazi Germany by looking like a woman. Lynn thought the title "Between Two Lions" (Russia and German) would also be appropriate. The Ensemble Theatre Company facility is very nice. Sunday morning we took a stroll on the pier and cruised about half of the Art Show along Cabrillo. We capped off this Santa Barbara cruise with lunch at the Lure Fish House - OMG! Very fun place, excellent food, can't say enough about it. Get there early, they don't take reservations. There was a significant line at 11:30am on a Sunday when they open. Fortunately, it's a fairly good size restaurant. After lunch we headed home to join in the Valentine festivities at the Compound.

All the pics are here.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Matteo and "Pops" Take Santa Barbara

Matteo and "Pops" took the train to Santa Barbara and enjoyed a day of: Sambo's for breakfast, some time at the aquarium on the pier, a Land Shark tour, more time at the aquarium, lunch at Moby Dick's (on the pier), ice cream, and the duck pond behind the merry-go-round! Jon joined us, too, for most of the mid-day stuff!

All the pics.