Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween at the Compound

Oh my... Bobbing for doughnuts, haunted hallway, yucky things to smell, even yuckier things to feel, cookies to decorate, trick or treating from door to door, and all this on a stomach full of mummy dogs.


Thursday, October 3, 2013


With twins you get an array of question, from the general public, that just make you laugh. Add twins to a large family and they get better.  Then add adoption, mix races, and it just gets super exciting to go in public. The questions tend to make people look a little dumb and can feel a bit intrusive, but I realize that mostly people are just fascinated at the idea of multiples, and/or large families, and/or adoption.  To strike up conversation and stare at my adorable babies just a little longer, I assume people just say the first thing that comes to mind. 

I seriously thought that I had heard them all......including a time my Italian husband and I were holding our Chinese babies and a woman looks at me and asks, "is your husband Asian."  Or when a lady straight up shook her head at me and said "umm...two dads?!"  What?!  Who does that?   But noo...noooo I had not heard them all.

Until today.

Today I was dumbfounded by a lady in Target, right in the middle of the big aisle between books and kids toys.

I had one of them fancy big carts: AJ and David were sitting side by side and Jonathan was in the cart facing them.  I was pushing the kids mindlessly looking at this and that, when all of sudden I hear a lady say,

"Oh my goodness, mam' but you have triplets!!!"

I stopped dead in my tracks and started looking around for the lady with triplets, because she couldn't be talking to me?!?   

But I was they only other person in the aisle and she was staring dead straight at me.  

I can only imagine what my face looked like because this is what my brain was thinking;

Triplets?!?  Are you kidding me?  Minus the fact that one is twice the size of the other two did you miss the blue eyes, blonde hair vs brown eyes, black hair and oh is WHITE and the other two are ASIAN.

I was thinking...holy s***.  If these three were triplets there would be TV cameras following me because my life would be one of the those TLC reality TV shows - mom gives birth to mixed raced triplets -  I am thinking the tittle for the show would be "White and Brown Rice - A Wild Mix".    Then I was thought: man that would be awesome, I would be making bank...all my kids college would be paid for.  

Then snap back to reality the lady is still staring, smiling at my "triplets".

Then I am thinking how could this even happen?!?  

But of course in today's society it totally could happen.  

So maybe it was a legit question and I should be nice to this lady and not lay the smack down on what an dumb question that is and why in the world she would ask that, if she just wanted to stare at my adorable kids she could have asked are they twins and at least kept a little bit of her credibility.  

Finally after my head cleared,  I smiled and politely said "Oh no, these are twins and he is their older brother."  

She responded with "Well your hands are still full, and so is your heart."  

And we parted ways.

My head is still reeling. 

I will leave you with a picture of my triplets: