Friday, September 23, 2022

Steamboat Springs, CO

Lynn and Jamie did a little getaway to Steamboat Springs, CO (about 3.5 hours from home). See the captions below for details. All the trip photos are here.

Bread + Salt, a favorite in Frisco, CO.

The Laundry, a new favorite
restaurant in "The Boat."

The Steamboat Springs Depot - more here.

On the main drag.
("Drag" is an aerodynamic term!)

F. M. Light & Sons, since 1909.
They said they had over 400 boots.

The Botanical Gardens

Relaxing at the Tread of Pioneers Museum.

We caught the High School Homecoming parade.

We took a trip up to the base of the ski slopes.
Almost nothing going on, but we did
manage to have a fine drink at Los Locos.

Mambo Italiano

Our home away from home (BnB). Hot tub to the right...

These signs started miles before town!
Just like Burma Shave...

Yet another new fave in Georgetown, 511 Rose.

Sunday, September 18, 2022

Saturday, September 17, 2022

Closing Night: Oliver!

A cereal cast-and-crew party!

The banner moved to the cast party house.

Watching the slide show of production photos.

We amassed quite the bundle of flowers.

Final resting place in our garage (with approval).

Thursday, September 15, 2022


Oliver! opened tonight at DCC Theatre! Starring Fina as Nancy and Antonio (AJ) as Oliver. The week prior they were knee-deep in tech week and Tracy organized the dinner for 65 cast and crew each weeknight. Fortunately, many of the parents stepped to the plate so it went off without a hitch.

A lucky "money shot"

The iconic line...

Nana made Challah for a tech-week dinner.

Yes, they used AJ as the model for the poster.

Tuesday, September 6, 2022


We recently tried to have an all-play meal at Cracker Barrel, but the wait was over an hour so we split up. The older females went off dress-hunting for Homecoming and the rest of us had a great lunch at Colorado Mountain Brewery. Sunday night Nana and Papa got to see Hadestown in Denver. It was brand-new to us, knew nothing about it, so didn't follow it as well, but loved the music and dance, very unique, and also appreciated the redemption message. It was also the weekend of Nana and Papa's anniversary! Lastly, a shout-out to LevelFrames which made it very easy and very effective to add a new photo that blended in perfectly to a wall of very old photos (some pushing 50 years old). 

Waiting for lunch.


Happy Anniversary!

Thank you, lower right.

Saturday, September 3, 2022

From Fox Run to Asian Pacific

Lots going on this Saturday. Early on, Nana and Papa took a little hike at Fox Run Park. Then prep began for Family Dinner including Jonnie and Nana making the dessert and Matteo making the bread. The cheese fondue was a hit! And, a trip to the Asian Pacific Market may have become a new tradition for occasional visits.

Note the plume of mist above the spray.

Imagine the cones topped with ice cream
and some of the M&Ms.

More Halloween...

Making slime.

Perusing the haul from the Asian Pacific Market.

All set for Family Dinner