Thursday, January 31, 2019

New Parking Space

Not sure how many weeks of snow are on the ground now. AJ would know as he periodically bets on how long the snow will last. He's been a big winner lately as he's always pro snow. Papa's the sucker. Anyway, we were blocked out of the driveway for several hours today (appliance delivery) so Speedy found this parking "space" on the street.

Nice little pocket between plowed snow pile and the curb.

Saturday, January 26, 2019

New Quilt

Nana and Matteo are working on a new quilt. And putting the new craft table to work, too!

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Third Snow in Three Weeks

Got dumped on again last night! We got an official blizzard warning yesterday (that was a first since moving out here). Supposed to keep up until afternoon. And yes, it's a snow day from school.

The snow has never gotten this deep up against the door.
Lots of drifting.

Center courtyard. Best indication of amount of snow we
got as the area is somewhat wind protected, 5+ inches again.
This snow storm was very windy.

Papa's office window well.

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Snow, Birthday, and Space

We got another 5+ inches of snow yesterday and were still shoveling it this morning. Fina chose to build a snow-unicorn using some of the parts from Tracy's unicorn ice cream birthday cake. Then Papa and the two older boys headed to the Space Foundation Discovery Center. We got their just in time to watch live (on our phone) the Delta IV Heavy launch from Vandenberg today. Then we took our picture by the model of that rocket at the Discovery Center.

A Unicorn ice cream cake.

That's a model of the Delta IV Heavy.

Remotely driving a submersible.

Working the "I found it" sheet.

Driving rovers.

The prize was your choice of heat-change-color pencil,
wrist band, or bookmark.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Ikea and Castle Cafe

Nana and Papa ran to Ikea again today (Tracy and Nana went yesterday). Needed to exchange some parts for Nana's new craft table. Found another fun place in Castle Rock on the way home, Castle Cafe. Reminded us of McLintock's back in Arroyo Grande.

Lynn took a break to read with David.

Check out that chicken!

Notice the parts of the light...

Saturday, January 12, 2019


I shoveled the upper part of the driveway twice yesterday. Lynn did it this morning, and Tracy and Fina handled most of the lower end. It gets pretty tough if you drive over it a few times before shoveling, which we did. Broke three kid shovels in the process (yes, they helped, too).

Thursday, January 10, 2019

A Heritage Project at School

Tracy: The twins first grade classes do a lot with families, family trees, and heritage. Over break they had to make spoon people representing their heritage. We gave them the choice of, Swiss Italian (daddy), Irish (mom) or Chinese (biological). They choose Swiss Italian, I think they came out pretty cute.

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Woodland Park

Papa, Nana, and Matteo took off today to explore Woodland Park (while the rest of the gang went swimming - nice 60-degree day). It's about 45 minutes from home up Highway 24. Nana and Matteo had just fired up the idea of quilting some place mats, so our first stop was a quilting/fabric store, Nuts 'n Bolts. Lunch was the next order of business. We tried to go to Ute Pass Brewery, but alas it was in the process of moving out of its current space (landlord raised the rent). Not sure if/where they're going. The folks there were kind enough to direct us to Ute Inn just up the street where we had a delicious lunch (loved the steak fries!). Interesting history, particularly of the founder Bert Bergstrom. We strolled the town a bit with one stop for dessert at the Donut Mill (huge donuts, largest cinnamon rolls I've ever seen). Our last stop was actually our destination, the Dinosaur Resource Center. Small, but very interesting and well done. Matteo was fully engaged, and it was run by a group of young folks that were very "into it." We also discovered a very nice city park just off the main drag, Memorial Park. The whole fam could spend a few hours there. More photos here.

Matteo chose his fabrics at Nuts 'n Bolts.

That's Bert Bergstrom in the framed picture behind the tree at Ute Inn.

Ute Inn and Bar/Restaurant

Lynn got another chance to check out a mini vehicle.

The main drag.

Pikes Peak on the left.

Two "ice towers" at the My Nutra building,
"the creators of hemp paste."

Memorial Park

Ute Pass Brewery

Dinosaur Resource Center