David & Jonathan

Now that the adoption is final, we can begin posting the history of their lives so far. We're going to be inserting these stories and photos in chronological order on this blog, which would make it hard to search them all out - but for this index page. As we get items added, we'll include them in this link index of their story...

June 6, 2012: David and Jonathan in the NICU

June 6, 2012: David Comes Home

June 8, 2012: David was there for the Deviled Eggs

July 4, 2012: Jonathan's "life flight" helicopter ride (aka "First Family Vacation with the Twins")

July 18, 2012: A Random Photo

July 21, 2012: Showering the Twins (the party kind of "shower")

July 28, 2012: Bundles of Love - and They're Labeled That Way!

August 7, 2012: Chopsticks, You Say? (At Raku restaurant in Grover Beach)

August 23, 2012: The Complete Back-to-School Photo

September 30, 2012: Twins Dedication at GraceSLO

November 2, 2012: Our Secret Revealed (Adoption is final!)

November 7, 2012: What? You Adopted?

December 16, 2012: All Things Baby

December 27, 2012: God is Good

January 27, 2013: DIY Weighted Blanket

February 9, 2013: Twins First Birthday

August 3, 2013: The Story Behind the Pictures

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