Friday, February 25, 2022

Lynn's New Knee

Starting early in the week, preparations began for Lynn's knee replacement on Thursday. It's now Saturday, and we've entered the "tough part" - you know, all the pain, exercises, nausea stuff. It was amazing how they got her up and walking just hours after surgery.

Lynn's support system.

The blue equipment keeps cold water
circulating around the knee.

Lynn's hospital view.

All set to go...

The clan at Red Robin's earlier.

Janice came to town to help out.

And she brought Champagne Cake
from Madonna's for Tracy!

Monday, February 21, 2022

Foster Twins Birthday

A couple random photos then a glimpse at the Birthday Party...


Hot chocolate!

Fina and Ethan do Preschool at church.
Along with Nana and Tracy.

Second time, even better.
Great moussaka. Caspian Cafe

Saturday, February 19, 2022

Big Horn Sheep Day at Garden of the Gods

Nana, Papa, AJ, Griffin, and David headed for the Garden of the Gods Visitor's Center today for Big Horn Sheep Day! It was quite fascinating, kept us busy for a couple hours. They had a scavenger hunt for the kids with prizes; love these for engagement. On our way back we stopped at Rocket Fizz to get a whole bunch of candy. AJ's making a video of himself tasting "weird" candy. Our last stop on the way home was Smashburger! All the day's photos are here.

Thursday, February 17, 2022


We opened our second weekend of the run this evening at Springs Ensemble Theatre. The show is LoveSong by Robert R. Lehan. It's "a dark comedy in which two elderly people attempt to recall whether or not they have been married for 43 years. The play shows how undependable memory is and how identical experience does not guarantee identical perception" ( This play runs about 30 minutes and is followed by a solo musical performance and a second act of 4 vignettes entitled A Collection of Things We Forgot to Say by Counterweight Theatre Lab. Fina and Ethan danced in Lovesong as a dreamscape of days long ago when characters Jeanine and Sam were "very young".

Ethan and Fina

"Sam" and "Jeanine"

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Post Valentine's Day

The night of Valentine's Day we went to the 10th Anniversary show of Cheap Date Improv at the high school. Fina's been a part of this troupe for a couple years now. It's a great cheap date show ($5)! The next morning Jamie set up a home version of our set at Springs Ensemble Theatre for Lovesong. Josie came over for a couple pick-up run-throughs. And tonight (Wednesday), Lynn and Jamie went to Ambli Global Cuisine for dinner. They'd been there once before but didn't have time for their full prix fixe approach, but tonight they did. Wow! They don't remember half the names of what was in each dish. The food was uniquely fantastic! Not pictured was a curry lobster shooter for a starter. OMG.

Cheap Date Improv celebrated their 10th Anniversary
at their Valentine's Night show.

LoveSong set up at home for a pick-up rehearsal.

I lost most of this description. But very yummy.

Tiger shrimp on the left, risotto fritters on the right.

Beet and cheese salad.
With Sequentis (a new merlot release) from Daou!

Lamb pops with a Lebanese wine.

Best baba ganoush since Tucson's Olive Tree decades ago.
We asked if they ever made it, and out it comes!

A Pim's digestif

Next time... Chef's Table

Monday, February 14, 2022

Approaching Valentine's Day

The lead-up to Valentine's Day was pretty big, starting with the opening of Jamie's and Fina's show, Lovesong at Springs Ensemble Theatre. And Super Bowl LVI! And finally Valentine's Day...

Jamie's gift from our Lovesong director, Dan Robbins. Perfect!

Fina's show gift. Perfect.


Lynn and Jamie went on a walk...

At church...

AJ and Griffen were quite the helpers in preschool.

SuperBowl prep (there was lots more...)

Pink, heart-shaped pancakes!