Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Day 384

Another normal school day, mostly, other than the late start (every Wednesday). But the day included Lexi's and Jonnie's first swim lesson at SafeSplash. It was fun to see Jonnie smiling so much. They both seemed to do quite well. Deviled eggs were a very special part of tonight's dinner. They were gone in minutes. Tonight's movie: No Strings Attached.

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Day 383

Another day with few pics. I guess it's just not as exciting around here with the kids in school. Lynn's quilt has grown beyond her work-up board and has spread to the bed. Tonight's movies: Lawless (real-life moonshiners in the 1930s) and Love, Guaranteed.

Monday, March 29, 2021

Day 382

Back to school from spring break. The only pic I managed to grab all day was an attempt at capturing the full moon setting behind the Rockies as Matteo and I pulled up to his van stop for school at 7:10am. It was impressive "in the flesh" but the cell phone just didn't capture it well. Great 60-degree weather today.  Jamie spent much of the day revamping his Torah class offering. Having gotten zero interest (from neither our church folks nor others he contacted as well), he's reenvisioned it into 4-session chunks, hopefully less daunting, starting with the Ten Commandments. Keep your fingers crossed. He spent most of the day looking at the commandment about keeping the Sabbath holy. And now, looking includes delving into the Hebrew language as well. He's really enjoying the Great Courses material he got to learn Biblical Hebrew. Matt whipped up a really good stir-fry with leftover beef and cauliflower rice. Tonight's movie: Chappaquiddick (another good real-lifer).

Sunday, March 28, 2021

Day 381

Palm Sunday! There was a great deal of "palm frond" waving in Sunday School. We understand AJ spent some time talking about Passover in Sunday School today (from our Passover Seder at home last night). The temperatures reached into the 60s, so off to the pool we went for the afternoon. Nana's Easter quilt is coming along. One more row around the outside, but it's a biggy (16" squares); gonna be a good-size quilt. Tracy got her new dining room wall hangings up today. And Matt whipped up some ribs and asparagus for dinner. Tonight's movie: I Am Woman (story of Helen Reddy).

L-R: Jonnie, Lexi, AJ, and David.
Matteo and Matt were in the steam room at the time.

Saturday, March 27, 2021

Day 380

Nice, gentle start to the day. Then things started to happen. Prep began for a Passover Seder. Yes, the Seder celebration and remembrance of the Exodus is a uniquely Jewish activity (for about 2,000 years now), but the story of the Exodus (older than that!) is certainly part of the Christian faith as well. And since Jamie's so immersed in the Torah these days (which includes Exodus), why not! We did a very abbreviated, kid-focused Seder. We watched two short videos (What's the Passover/Seder? and an animated Exodus story). Then we dove into the Seder foods ("bitter herbs") and closed with a hunt for the afikomen (pieces of matzah for dessert). Matzah does eat a bit like cardboard, but it's fabulous with butter. Not sure if that's kosher but quite sure it's really good; AJ-approved, too. Check out the lego version of the "Parting of the Red Sea" at the bottom. We actually didn't get to this activity, but Jamie had to try it later. Actually, this was Jamie's second Seder experience. The first was in college when invited by a Jewish freshmen friend to attend a campus Seder. He'll never forget it, made quite an impact. When we were all done, AJ bursts out with "Best Seder ever!" His only Seder, of course, but we love his enthusiasm. Meanwhile, Tracy, Fina, and some friends with their Moms went shopping for Fina's prom dress. You'll recall she's throwing a Prom here at the house for her cohorts later in April. And Fina found her dress!

Graupel (also called soft hail or snow pellets)

The kids shoveled the "grass" in the courtyard.
There's been snow in there for months.

Chef Jamie (spaghetti tonight)

Grating horseradish, one of the bitter herbs
for the Seder. Nana made the Seder charoset, too.

Passover Seder

(grape juice)
"Next Year in Jerusalem!" (actually this Fall for Nana/Papa!)

Parting of the Red Sea? Led by Trooper Moses?

Friday, March 26, 2021

Day 379

Today it was Jonnie's choice from the Hershey's Sweet Treats & More cookbook. And his choice was "Two Great Tastes Chocolate Pudding" (peanut butter and chocolate). AJ filmed the whole thing on his GoPro from Christmas. Morning activities included a game of HORSE out on the basketball court. Matteo and AJ definitely did better than David and Papa. It was horse day for Papa, during which we got a 20-minute snow blizzard both at home and at the ranch. Tonight's movies: Fractured and Rememory.

Look at that form!

Our group did obstacles (center and left).
The other group did mounted work (right).

Thursday, March 25, 2021

Day 378

Lexi has been working on a book lately. Nana's been hot on her quilt project for Easter. And the chocolate treat for the day is Chocolate and Peanut Butter Drizzled Popcorn. The day started out with a hot game of Monopoly: Star Wars with Papa, AJ, David, and Lexi. And Lexi held her own! Tonight's movies: Philomena (another good "real-lifer") and Rose Island.

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Day 377

More snow overnight. More shoveling in the morning. The fire pit had to burn its way out of the snow. The kids have gotten into a chocolate cookbook they've checked out of the school library a zillion times (Nana finally ordered a copy for the house), Hershey's Sweet Treats & More. Today is AJ's and Lexi's day to make what they picked out, S'More Pies. Tomorrow David goes after some chocolate-drizzled popcorn treat. Nana got hold of some pics of the twins earlier this year when they did their marketplace project at school. They made and sold tops (you can see them in the pics below). AJ went all the way out to Peyton, CO today for an all-afternoon play-date with a friend from church. Had a great time! Picking up AJ at 5pm got him swept up in errands Nana and Papa had to do and ended with the three of them at Marigold Cafe and Bakery, a fine French restaurant off Garden of the Gods Road on Centennial Blvd, for dinner. The three of them had a grand time and AJ held his own at a white linen tablecloth place! We heard all kinds of stories, but shhh, mums the word. What happens at Marigold stays at Marigold. Oh, the biggy of the day... Papa learned of a Prager trip to Israel in the Fall and in a couple hours, it was booked!

S'More Pies

Marketplace at school earlier this year.

At Marigold Restaurant

Marketplace at school earlier this year.

Marigold's 2012 award-winning "Strawberry Shortcake"

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Day 376

First thing in the morning, Matteo jumped into making a batch of sugar cookies. Those provided a lovely dessert for Tracy's PB&J sandwich lunch. AJ, David, and Papa (with Lexi helping Papa) played a rousing game of Monopoly: House Divided. Despite Lexi's help, Papa got creamed, David did OK, and AJ won. Matt got some steaks and asparagus going for dinner. Tonight's movie: Airplane (1980). Not coincidentally, Jamie heard David Zucker on the radio today, one of the movie's writers. He said that this movie probably couldn't be made today given the level of PC nonsense.