Friday, December 30, 2011

Elephant Seals and Brown Butter Cookies

It was a good day for a drive up the coast. The kids had plenty of electronic distractions enroute, and with Frank's Hot Dogs as an early fueling stop, we were loaded for elephant seals.

There were 16 newborn pups on the beach today (we were told). I don't think AJ ever knew there were any seals on the beach, He spent all of his time zooming up and down the deck walkway, in and out of the very many other people there also enjoying the day and graciously yielding the right-of-way to AJ.

The other "must" stop on our journey was Brown Butter Cookies in Cayucos. The Lemon Sugar were our favorites (at least for today).


Thursday, December 29, 2011


Where has time gone and where has gone?!? 

For six months you have mourned my loss.

Then you got my Christmas card and it had this weird new web address on it, when you came and visited there was no Christmas letter, you were really confused.

Sorry I was lame.

It has been been a crazy six-months.  Bad excuse but it is my excuse please forgive me.

But now you can all rejoice because I am back.  I AM BACK...

...and I am better then ever.  Scouts Honor

Because I am not an I. As you can see this blog is a we blog with not just me but the whole family.  Which means when I go on a bloggie break hopefully one of my other crazy compound dwellers here will fill the void with their crazy stories of living with me. Don't you think it will be great to start getting their perspective on what goes on in this crazy house of ours.  You have my perspective on life, that I am pretty chill, I let things roll of my back, I am awesome, I rock, I am pretty much the bomb, now you will get everyone ideas (don't be surprise if they are more uptight, I am just saying).   Really how many times do you want to hear me rattle on and on about how laundry needs to be done on Monday and that Tuesday is Coscto day, Wednesday we go swimming... when I think about it I am amazed my other blog had 8 followers.  I love all 8 of you.  You rock, I am sending you Starbucks cards for reading about my dull life.  (well as soon as I discover your addresses). 

Anyways lets get back on track here. 

Get ready for a very exciting New Year. Sit back hold on tight, follow us, become a member, tweet us, google+ us, face book us, I don't know do what ever it is so you do so you don't miss a post because we will be entertaining and you will learn about life and how to get along with family friends and everyone in between!!

Join us here at

The Regusci's

From 2007 to today (12/29/2011), Tracy ran a blog site: The Regusci's. It's still out there if you want to check it out. Most of the stories have been ported over to this site, but those were Tracy's words over there, not Jamie's (who does most of the posting these days).

Here's Tracy's last content post: C.R.A.Z.Y. F.U.N. on 7/24/2011. It includes an adventure with Jon Keith and the Kansas folk visiting the Compound.

Friday, December 23, 2011


On the floor

      In the corner

          Sits a paper bag.

Cards, notes, bills, pamphlets.

One year and lots of hoops; cancer gone.

Now I sing and dance in the sunshine with my friends.


When a stranger reaches out in need I grasp their hand.

Because of

               A paper bag

        In the corner

On the floor.

by Nana

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Open House

Luckily I got a few photos of the set up that Lynn and Tracy slaved to create. 40-some folks dropped by during the evening, from across quite a range of friend circles that all of us at the Compound have. What an eclectic mix! We're in the spirit now! (Not that we needed much help.)

And a break-through with the kids... We set up the mancave as a kid party area, with their own goodies and games. And lo and behold, with as many as 8 of them at a time (all under 10, some well under 10), they handled themselves exceptionally well. No broken bones, no artwork on the walls! Can I get a Merry Christmas!?