Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Twins Halloween Party at School

Wow. Halloween is quite an event at Antelope Trails Elementary. For starters, the kids go on parade. By the time it's over, everyone has marched past everyone else in the whole school with the requisite amount of hoopin' and hollerin'. Then it's classroom party time with activities, games, and food (check out the really cute orange "pumpkins" below).

It snowed last night. The trip to the school took about twice as long as usual. There were accidents blocking routes, snowy/icy streets, very foggy, the whole bit. But it made for a beautiful winter wonderland on the way home (fog cleared out for the most part).

A few more pics are here.

No one knew who Hercules Mulligan was.

Bunny footprints along our driveway.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Pumpkin Carving

What with everything going on this weekend, pumpkin carving got shoved to late Sunday evening. That certainly did not lower the determination of our carvers. And the weather cooperated, though the next couple days the high is 34 and lows in the teens. One benefit to not having a hill for pumpkin rolling is that we're free to carve them. (I think they would have rolled just fine to the park down at the end of our street. There are only about 12 houses along the way that would have been endangered.) All the pics are here.

Fina got a late start as she didn't get home from her show till 630-ish.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

DCC Trick or Treats

The high school at the kids' campus put on a trick or treat evening for the littler ones, including a haunted house tour. Pretty fun!

They're clapping for the Hamilton cast!

Hamilton Cast and Fans

We like to say this is for Halloween, but it's often like this around the house. Well, maybe not the costumes, but everyone will rattle off some Hamilton rap now and then. Our neighborhood had a little Halloween gathering at one of the parks today.

Back row: Hamilton, Eliza, and Peggy.
Front: Jefferson, Hercules Mulligan, and Burr.

Autograph signing for rabid fans.

Fan base.

Colonial dancing.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Number the Stars (Tech Week)

The show opens tomorrow! Here are some photos from Tuesday night's dress rehearsal. Notice her hair has been dyed considerably darker - she's Jewish.