Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Twins Halloween Party at School

Wow. Halloween is quite an event at Antelope Trails Elementary. For starters, the kids go on parade. By the time it's over, everyone has marched past everyone else in the whole school with the requisite amount of hoopin' and hollerin'. Then it's classroom party time with activities, games, and food (check out the really cute orange "pumpkins" below).

It snowed last night. The trip to the school took about twice as long as usual. There were accidents blocking routes, snowy/icy streets, very foggy, the whole bit. But it made for a beautiful winter wonderland on the way home (fog cleared out for the most part).

A few more pics are here.

No one knew who Hercules Mulligan was.

Bunny footprints along our driveway.

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