Saturday, October 14, 2017

Long Neck Pumpkin Patch

It was pumpkin patch day. And we discovered that pumpkin patches in our new neck of the woods are a little different. There's an admission fee. And for that there's a world of activities and a pumpkin to take home. It was a blast. I think the corn kernel bins were the biggest hit, although there were close seconds like the tennis ball launchers and wagon ride. There are some sample photos below. All the photos are here. This was the Long Neck Pumpkin Patch. Then fabulous pumpkin pancakes for dinner courtesy of Matt and Fina. There must have been 200+ cars in the lot, at least 500 people there but never felt crowded. We drove by another similar patch that was equally busy.

Rubber Duckie races.

Foam block castle building.

Corn bins (ala a sand box).

Storytime. And who should jump in...

Tennis ball launchers.

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