Sunday, May 31, 2020

Day 80

We were in two groups today. Matt, Jamie, Matteo and AJ met up with Sam, Fina, and Hailey in Manhattan, Kansas. We were picking up Fina, bringing stuff to Sam and wishing him well on deployment, and bringing Fina back from her few days with the Jacobsons and visiting K-State University. Everyone else was back home. The K-State tour photos are here. Hailey gave us quite a tour, including Aggieville. Lynn graduated from K-State (a few years ago). She attended 7 schools to get her degree - that's perseverance! This is Fina's current choice of schools (could change tomorrow...). The travelers got home about 7:30pm. The adults listened to about 15 hours of a book about the Medicis while in the car, and we still have 4 hours to go.

K-State University. Beautiful blend of old and new.
All with local Flint Hills rock.

AJ found a friend, of course.

Lynn said it was a three dog night.

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Day 79

We celebrated Lexi's birthday today! Birthdays always start out with a made-for-kids breakfast. Following the festivities and Jamie's Parlor Car Chat, the boys left for Manhattan, Kansas on a mission to play as many video games as possible, take stuff to Sam and wish him well on deployment, and pick up Fina. Hailey gave is a little tour of K-State, too (see Day 80).

We did take-in dinner from So Long Saloon at the hotel in Manhattan, Kansas.

A little stroll around the hotel before bed. This looks like fun - next time.

Jamie did one of his Parlor Car Chats (online) before heading to KS.

Friday, May 29, 2020

Day 78

Anticipation is building for the trip tomorrow to see Sam at Fort Riley, and deliver him some stuff of his from home. Matteo made pancakes for everyone for breakfast. You'd think we'd be drinking down the wine cabinet during this lockdown stuff, but ours has managed to grow to the point we had to organize it. Favorites include: Regusci (actually is related), Daou, Wolff, Pear Valley, Granzamy Champagne, Laetitia sparkling, Gambino, Alexander Valley red wines (the area, not just the one winery by that name), and black rooster chiantis,  Nana took a shot at grooming the puppies. They manage to get quite messy over time and getting in to the groomer has proven difficult; everyone wants their dog groomed! Jamie watched The Double tonight (Richard Gere and Topher Grace).

Tomatoes are coming along.

Fina's yearbook. She hasn't seen it yet, she's still in Kansas.

A breakthrough! Jamie and Lynn had dinner at the Club tonight!

All the new cushions are in place.

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Day 77

Matteo had his next-to-last Take Flight lesson today. As you can see below, he's working on phobias and manias. #11 is the fear of big words! Quite a bit of yard activity today, mostly planting and re-planting and working on the fountain. It was pickup and dropoff day at school for Lexi, returning school stuff and picking up her portfolio. Of course her "last day of school" was celebrated with a friend and ice cream. Dinner was homemade pastrami by Chef Matt. We watched an episode of Blacklist before Matt and Tracy had an online meeting.

The weeping spruce was replaced today.

Lots of little plants were planted.

Work continues to adjust the fountain tank refilling system.

All-day pastrami.

More cushions for outside.

Teacher gifts.

Lexi loved looking through her school portfolio.

End-of-school-year ice cream with a best bud.


Dinner for the littles. They love this stuff.

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Day 76

Another odd day. Busy at times, bored up a wall at other times. The yard folks were back hard at it fixing things. AJ had a pickup/dropoff at School in the Woods (SITW) and the twins had one at DCC. Such a bummer AJ only got 75% of his SITW year, but as they say, even that's better than a full year at anything else. AJ couldn't handle visiting his wikiup one last time. Matteo's about 2 lessons from being done with Take Flight for this school year. Matt whipped up some very flavorful carnitas enchiladas for dinner. Tonight's movie: Crypto.

We were all set for the Crew Dragon launch at T-20.
But it was scrubbed for weather at T-17 or so.
They'll try again Saturday, May 30th, 1:22pm MDT.

The first sign we encountered at School in the Woods pickup/dropoff.

This year's tiles are not done yet. Need to be glazed. They're working on a plan.

Thank you notes to the teachers.

Twin's artwork.

More twins' artwork.

AJ's constructing a printing press.