Friday, May 15, 2020

Day 64

The three Lodge dwellers came home today as did Matt and Matteo. Tracy and the baby took Matt and Matteo's place at the Marriott for a couple days. The Flying Horse Club did the coolest winemaker dinner via Zoom. We picked up our meal just beforehand (filet mignon and all the trimmings) and then in the comfort of our home watched and listened to the Club's Food and Beverage Director and the winemaker from the Hess Collection in Napa Valley. All around greatness; a few photos here.

The "old" machine is now on the Foster side.

And here's the new one on the Regusci side.

The Club had a Dinner with a Winemaker via Zoom.
Hess Collection wines from Napa Valley, including the winemaker live.

The cherry tomatoes have started!

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