Saturday, May 16, 2020

Day 65

Pretty quiet Saturday. Tracy and the baby are off at the Marriott all day, and the rest of us are generally taking it quite easy. Matt and Jamie made a run to the Wine Seller (always fun!). I guess we were inspired by last night's Hess Collection tasting. No Regusci wine this time, but we managed to find some other good stuff and get introduced to some new recommendations to try. Jamie did his first Parlor Car Chat for the SLO Railroad Museum (virtual fireside chat about the train trip from SLO to Santa Barbara). 52 folks were there. Dinner was from Fuji Mountain (in Monument), yum! Everyone crashed early (not sure about the boys who may have stayed up a while). No movies (well, Nana and Papa watched a couple so-so movies falling to sleep).

What Tracy can do in a day with just herself and the baby at the Marriott.

A screen capture from Jamie's Parlor Car Chat.

Fuji Mountain dinner!

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