Thursday, May 28, 2020

Day 77

Matteo had his next-to-last Take Flight lesson today. As you can see below, he's working on phobias and manias. #11 is the fear of big words! Quite a bit of yard activity today, mostly planting and re-planting and working on the fountain. It was pickup and dropoff day at school for Lexi, returning school stuff and picking up her portfolio. Of course her "last day of school" was celebrated with a friend and ice cream. Dinner was homemade pastrami by Chef Matt. We watched an episode of Blacklist before Matt and Tracy had an online meeting.

The weeping spruce was replaced today.

Lots of little plants were planted.

Work continues to adjust the fountain tank refilling system.

All-day pastrami.

More cushions for outside.

Teacher gifts.

Lexi loved looking through her school portfolio.

End-of-school-year ice cream with a best bud.


Dinner for the littles. They love this stuff.

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