Thursday, May 21, 2020

Day 70(a)

Today is coming in two parts. This first part (a) just got to be so much that I thought two pieces were in order. First in this post is my new Ember Mug. Second in this post is the science teaching conference I "attended" today.

1. So far so good on the first morning with my Ember Mug (14oz). I learned the coffee comes out of our coffee maker freshly brewed at about 160 degrees. The mug max setting is 145. That works for me. And I actually got a little more than 80 minutes from about 70% charge (out of the box). And it really does take about 2 hours to fully charge from under 10%. At one point the app would not open when touched (all other apps worked fine). Restarting the phone fixed it. Coffee from the pot at 118 degrees took 20 minutes to get to 145 in the mug (about 60% full).

2. There were over 11,000 registered participants (even more via Facebook live) in the ScIC2 (Science Is Cool Conference) today. Topics were about remote control of distance learning as well as all kinds of do-it-at-home science activities. Neil deGrasse Tyson was the keynote along with Chuck Nice (PocketLab, a free online lab notebook; "Backyard Rollercoaster Physics"). 1700 questions were submitted ahead of time! Capitalize on curiosity. Look for the kid's "velcro spot" - where science will stick. Recordings of the entire day will be available online (link will be here by the end of May, in the meantime recordings from the first ScIC conference are here). They also created a Facebook group: ScIC Science Is Cool by PocketLab. Lastly, check out these valuable links I snagged as the conference proceeded (most have at least some, if not all, free content):

How Science Works
The Wonder of Science
Bozeman Science
PhET, interactive simulations
Hooked on Science
Exploratorium (San Francisco, penny cleaning demonstration)
Argument-Driven Inquiry
Future Engineers
Nasco (all free till July 1st, some will remain free after)
   Nasco Educate
Parametric Studio
Google Jamboard

My favorite demo of the day. Drop the egg into the water
without breaking the egg. You may touch only the pie pan.
It's OK for you or an assistant to hold the glass of water in place.

Bacteria evolving to overcome antibiotics.

Dipping Birds  - curiosity!

Does this remind anyone else of Odyssey of the Mind?

Exploratorium has 300 such demonstrations.
They guarantee you have all you need at home for 70 of these.
Check out their STEMinars.

Future Engineers

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