Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Day 76

Another odd day. Busy at times, bored up a wall at other times. The yard folks were back hard at it fixing things. AJ had a pickup/dropoff at School in the Woods (SITW) and the twins had one at DCC. Such a bummer AJ only got 75% of his SITW year, but as they say, even that's better than a full year at anything else. AJ couldn't handle visiting his wikiup one last time. Matteo's about 2 lessons from being done with Take Flight for this school year. Matt whipped up some very flavorful carnitas enchiladas for dinner. Tonight's movie: Crypto.

We were all set for the Crew Dragon launch at T-20.
But it was scrubbed for weather at T-17 or so.
They'll try again Saturday, May 30th, 1:22pm MDT.

The first sign we encountered at School in the Woods pickup/dropoff.

This year's tiles are not done yet. Need to be glazed. They're working on a plan.

Thank you notes to the teachers.

Twin's artwork.

More twins' artwork.

AJ's constructing a printing press.

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