Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Day 55

The big deal of the day was a trip to the School in the Woods area to let some of us, who had not been out there previously, see the school and hike around. A highlight was running into Mr. Weurth (from a proper distance, of course). The school is on a piece of pine forest property of about one square mile and located just over six miles due east of our house. The area is known as Black Forest Section 16. All the hike photos are here. Some of us will be returning to visit the pond (AJ's doing a pond study for his Spring Project). The cleaners were back for the first time since the lockdown, so we were very happy to get out of their way. Matt grilled up some tri-tip, chicken, and asparagus for dinner. Movies: The Descendants and I Spy.

Fina was scheduled for a sleep study in a few weeks, but got a call this evening that there had been a cancellation and could she come in right now. So she did. Nighty night.

Tracy (Facebook): Sam turned 18 today. In the midst of a global pandemic at a base in Georgia he turned 18! Fourteen years ago he moved into our lives, 3 years later we had the joy of official adopting him. Together we have had amazing moments, crazy moments, and tough ones. But in this last year he has amazed us the most, earning his GED, joining the Army, and graduating without the joy of being able to have us there, all without being shaken!!! We can’t wait to celebrate graduation and 18yrs when we can all be together again! Love you @sam_regusci!! (Also how in the world is my eldest 18yrs old!!!!!)

Happy Birthday, Sam!

Clutter-free for the cleaners!

We think the yard guys are basically re-installing the sprinkler lines.

The baby had to join e-learning today.

AJ thrived at this school. All the SITW hike photos are here.

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