Friday, May 22, 2020

Day 71

Visitors from Kansas! Lynn's sister and family. Their son is doing an internship this summer in the Denver area so the whole family brought him out. Interestingly enough, it was Hailey who was here just before the lockdown started and now it's Hailey here as the first guest as things re-open. Dinner: chicken piccata, wine lovers' rice, ceasar salad, and garlic bread. There might have been some Josh and John's Ice Cream later in the evening, too.

Leave it to Jonny to help straighten things out.

A few more masks.

Guess who got her braces off today!

Cutting bread to make croutons.

A welcome meat and cheese board!

The Kansans brought Laura's Fudge!

The ants arrived. Two by two, of course.

Wolff and Pear Valley (not pictured) wines.

Wine Lovers' Rice                                     Chicken Piccata

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