Monday, May 31, 2021

Day 445

Memorial Day. Today was to have involved lots of pool time, but alas the weather did not cooperate. Lexi got the day going with her art projects. But that soon gave way to the puzzle that Vickie and Rob brought her for her birthday. That turned into an all-day project that she stuck with and finished! We also got in a game of Labyrinth, also from Kansas. AJ showed off a little of his stuff for Sound of Music. He had another long rehearsal today. The puzzle got done just in time for Matt's prime rib dinner accompanied by some fabulous wines: Regusci and Daou. We closed out the evening on the deck, bundled up in coats and quilts, enjoying the sunset skies.

Laetitia Rose Brut, sparkling water,
and muddled raspberries and strawberries.

Charcuterie for lunch.
So long, farewell...

The good stuff with Matt's prime rib!


Tracy had the world's largest lazy Susan clean before
we got up from the table.

Sunday, May 30, 2021

Day 444

Seems we've been having "Big Sundays" lately. Today was no exception. It was Tracy's last Sunday as Kids Director at TimberCreek Church (heading for a nursing degree put the kibosh on that) and we celebrated Lexi's birthday today. Lexi was one of the best birthday kids ever, gladly sharing everything with everyone. Vickie and Rob arrived late evening in prep for the "old folks" trip to New Mexico on Wednesday. The game of the night was making Reeese's Peanut Butter Cup cocktails and Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich cocktails. Lots of experimenting. The best of the evening was the Reese's cocktail: 2 parts chocolate whisky, 1 part Skrewball peanut butter whisky, 1 part straight whisky, optional 1 part Amaretto (for nuttier), and ice.

Everyone got in on Lexi's new toys!
With Lexi's blessing.

She really loves art.

Key ingredients...

Saturday, May 29, 2021

Day 443

The day started out with very nice weather. Nana, Papa, and Lexi headed to Phelan Gardens to get some plants and a pot for Lexi's pumpkin sprout from school which had outgrown the little plastic cup. Lexi talked non-stop at the nursery - loved it. We got everything home and re-potted just in time for the thunderstorms to move in, so we moved the new plantings into the breezeway (including Matt's new money tree). Matteo's party seemed to go very well despite being rained out of the outdoor activities planned. Popping balloons in the courtyard became a thing. AJ had about 4 hours of rehearsal today over two sessions. We caught the rainbow photo below while dropping him off at the studio. Nana and Papa went to Ted's Montana Grill while they waited for him; bison meatloaf!

Friday, May 28, 2021

Day 442

Mostly a prep day. Matteo is prepping for his end-of-school-year party tomorrow that he's throwing for his classmates, including making a few batches of sugar cookies. Prep also continues for Lexi's party this weekend. Reins were introduced to the equine students at Flying Horse Foundation today. 

Thursday, May 27, 2021

Day 441

Pool day! This is generally how we spend our summer. Also, another big day for AJ on the baseball field. Today's biggy was tagging a runner out while playing third base. Tagging a runner out is a rather rare phenomenon in little league. Proper Detailing started in on our car's ceramic coating today (it's a 3-day process followed by a week of curing).

Back at you, Pitch.

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Day 440

AJ cooked the dino nuggets for the kids' lunch. It was graduation day at the Air Force Academy, so the Thunderbirds did their thing! Jamie took Tracy down to the Mercedes dealership to pick up their new Lexus (yes, that's right), and he had some time to kill before his First Company Theater board meeting. So, let's check out Old Depot Square (finally, first time in almost 4 years being here). It's on S. Sierra Madre Street downtown north of Colorado Ave. Pretty cool, and looks like three good restaurants plus a miscellany of other businesses. The Pikes Peak "N" Gineers, an N-scale model railroad group, have their clubhouse there. He chose to try Track Ten Urban Kitchen which turned out great from the cucumber ice water to the smoky old-fashioned ("Centennial State") to the Oso Bucco, roasted asparagus, and really good spicy mashed potatoes (caraway seeds?). Brakeman's Burgers and the Sandwich Depot look good, too. And AJ had a killer baseball game tonight; lots of hitting and scoring.

The theater room is most often the game room.

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Day 439

Matteo's penultimate school day (we got a kick out of that word). One of the foster twins had a little outpatient surgery today. That kept Tracy busy much of the day, and Nana busy at home. AJ and Papa spent a few hours at the pool. He's already got a cadre of friends for the summer over there. Tennis day for Lexi. Nana and Papa got on the phone with Vickie and Rob to continue planning for New Mexico next week. I haven't mentioned our series/movies watching lately; we're still watching 24.