Friday, July 31, 2020

Day 141

The Regusci clan headed to the Gaylord Rockies Resort (again!) for a big weekend rendezvous with their California friends, the Gibsons, who are basically traveling home from Minnesota. Meanwhile, the Fosters made themselves quite at home with only themselves and three dogs. First, lunch at La Casa Fiesta in Monument, a fave. Fosters eased on into a wonderful rib eye dinner with watermelon and champagne on the deck. Their movies tonight were The Tourist (re-visiting Venice) and Midnight in Paris (re-visiting Paris). Just by chance earlier on the deck, Jamie watched a great message from Josh (Woodmen Valley Chapel) about slowing down, punctuated with the image of preparing and enjoying a satisfying meal. We prepared and enjoyed a wonderful meal.

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Day 140

The boys wanted to try a new fishing hole today, so off to Monument Lake we go. It's smaller than Palmer Lake, but it has a dock you can fish from. That's where the boys started, anyway, but soon drifted around to less populated areas. Saw some very interesting small boats, including an out-rigger sailboat that collapses to an amazingly small space for transport and a wade-in blow-up half-boat (sorry I didn't get a picture). Lynn continues somewhat feverishly on a quilt with an upcoming due date. Jamie's Genesis/Exodus online course is ready to go (details). Everything else is just puzzling. 

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Day 139

More dentist stuff today for Lynn. Pretty normal otherwise, plus... Lexi finds more projects. AJ gets involved in baking a lemon bar-like treat from Keely's recipe box. A new puzzle continues taking shape. And pool time 5-8pm. Tonight's movie for the older Reguscis was Twilight: Breaking Dawn. but it was more of The 4400 for Fosters.

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Day 138

Morning at the pool - the first in a while (since being at the Gaylord). Pretty cool temps, low 60s, but that didn't slow the kids down much. The baby thoroughly enjoys his hour or two of freedom from his leg braces, especially after driving up and back to Denver for a doctor follow-up. And speaking of such stuff, ALL the kids went en masse for a dentist check up today. Lynn got a new crown on a tooth, too. I guess it was something of a medical day. Matt grilled up some chicken legs for dinner. Nothing like enjoying an evening on the deck with cool temps.

Everyone else is in the water.

Monday, July 27, 2020

Day 137

A couple of the littles got into bubbles on the deck. Papa took Matteo and AJ fishing at Palmer Lake. They caught a couple fish and Papa caught a unit train of windmill blades, big ones. As a reminder, you can always follow Jamie's railfan stuff at his rail-blog: AJ also made friends with a family of six teen ducks and one adult duck. And birthday cake for Fina! Which she tried to run away with. And lastly, check out the top (up-cycle) and skirt (from scratch) Fina made for herself today, no pattern. Her story of the fits, starts, and redos was pretty interesting; a budding seamstress, perhaps.

That's a Thomas Kinkade piece (in case you didn't recognize it).

UP1989, Union Pacific Heritage fleet.
Painted in Denver & Rio Grande Western colors.

Birthday cake gets everyone's attention.

She almost got away with it. Nothing Bundt Cakes are worth hijacking.

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Day 136

Back to church for the second Sunday. Live and in person! With all the social distancing, masks, etc. Beautiful morning, then rain in the afternoon. Some of us like rain just as much, sitting on the deck for hours watching it. The baby finds eating bananas puzzling. Quilting continues in earnest. And AJ's team has to wear masks now when in the dugout. One of the moms made masks for each player with their number on it. Very cool. We enjoyed My Big, Fat, Greek Wedding parts 1 and 2 tonight.

The first square!

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Day 135

First semi-normal day in quite a while. Normal meaning everyone was doing their thing, some shopping, lots of kid activities. Aunt Vickie's leaving this morning marked the end of all the fun, special stuff. Even Matt out did Matt for getting creative for lunch. He whipped up a fabulous sausage/filet-filled, 2-cheese (pepper jack and mozarella), broiled sandwich that was fab. Not pictured is AJ and Matteo working several hours in the garage with their newly-arrived science kits. The baby tries bananas. Lexi just goes nuts over Old Mare (Old Maid). She's also working on her second ream of paper for art (since yesterday). AJ had a baseball game today, but I think much of it got rained out. But, they brought Taco Bell home for dinner! Schitz Creek has returned to the big screen.

Friday, July 24, 2020

Day 134

By the time noon came around, all three dogs had been groomed and everyone was home from the Gaylord. The rest of the day was playing games, doing puzzles, and relaxing. Matt fired up the grill for a steak dinner. Nana started catching up with Jamie on The 4400. And the Regusci side was continuing with Schitz Creek before bed.

"Sagrada" - recognize that stained glass?
The game's look is designed after the Sagrada Familia in
Barcelona which the Fosters and Siscos visited last Fall.

Look how well groomed everyone is.

Lexi calls it "Old Mare" (really Old Maid).