Thursday, July 2, 2020

Day 112

Matteo had his reading session (MTTh), and Starbucks on the way home! Everyone managed to keep themselves fairly occupied (see below). The unique activity of the day was Matt and Jamie going down to Magnum Shooting Center to try out some handguns. First time Jamie could remember shooting a handgun (rifles, shotguns, yes, but maybe never a handgun before today). The time flew. Tracy and Matt went over to the join the TimberCreek worship group to tape the service for Sunday morning. Nana and Papa had no trouble managing the kids as they were still well occupied. Jamie also continued work on his Creation lesson for the 8th. He finished watching The Ten Commandments a couple days ago (3.5 hours!). The Ten Commandments could well be the next session, if there is a next session. Dinner was scrounge. More NUMB3RS, more Hart of Dixie today.

Quilting continues. There are two in the works.

Art Center activity.

Getting there...

Something arrived for Lexi. Drew a crowd.

Not bad for first handgun use. Five yards away.

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