Monday, July 27, 2020

Day 137

A couple of the littles got into bubbles on the deck. Papa took Matteo and AJ fishing at Palmer Lake. They caught a couple fish and Papa caught a unit train of windmill blades, big ones. As a reminder, you can always follow Jamie's railfan stuff at his rail-blog: AJ also made friends with a family of six teen ducks and one adult duck. And birthday cake for Fina! Which she tried to run away with. And lastly, check out the top (up-cycle) and skirt (from scratch) Fina made for herself today, no pattern. Her story of the fits, starts, and redos was pretty interesting; a budding seamstress, perhaps.

That's a Thomas Kinkade piece (in case you didn't recognize it).

UP1989, Union Pacific Heritage fleet.
Painted in Denver & Rio Grande Western colors.

Birthday cake gets everyone's attention.

She almost got away with it. Nothing Bundt Cakes are worth hijacking.

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