Friday, July 10, 2020

Day 120

Jamie and Lynn headed out from Rock Springs, WY to Idaho Falls, ID. The first part of the trip north from Rock Springs on 191 is pretty much out in the middle of nowhere with not much to look at. But once you get past Pinedale, WY you're getting into Tetons country, much more interesting pretty much all the way to Idaho Falls.

Had to have before leaving Rock Springs.

Along Palisades Lake in the Targhee National Forest

SnakeBites in Idaho Falls. Quite good. Lynn had a wonderful shrimp pasta
dish and Jamie had a great burger with to-die-for fries with "fry sauce."

If only it indicated which railroad!

In the "old downtown" area.

Heavy traffic.

In Rigby, a small town just north of Idaho Falls.

TV-famous for some reason.


Driving in to Idaho Falls on 26.

Meanwhile, pool time back at the ranch.

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