Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Day 132

Yet another grand day at the Gaylord, lounging and water play morning till night. Nana and Papa came home at dinner time. Jamie's got stuff to do tomorrow and Lynn and Vickie are going back up to the Gaylord Thursday morning for one more day there. Here's a new one... A baby bear wandered across the front yard of our 2-doors-down neighbor this morning. He headed on up the street toward our house. Oh my!

Buy a nice Gaylord Rockies mug and free refills your entire stay.

An inside shot. Nana, Papa, and Matteo enjoyed this during
one of the 2-3pm action breaks at the pool for COVID cleaning.

Aunt Vickie, Jamie, and Lynn at the Club for dinner.
Jerked Chicken!

Earlier, Aunt Vickie did have some issues walking the dogs...
Watch out for bears!

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