Monday, July 6, 2020

Day 116

The activity level of normal stuff is building back up. So is road traffic. So are gas prices. We dropped AJ at his first day of Catamount Institute day camp for the week. And Fina's got Ballet going full bore. Matt and Jonny took off for Jonny's well-check at Stanford. Tracy made her pressure cooker chicken, peas, pasta dish for dinner. Tracy took the baby to Denver for his post-op checkup. No time for shows or movies tonight, Tracy had a TimberCreek staff meeting after dinner and then we had to plan the next two days worth of taxi driving. That led to the modeling career; I'm really not sure how (see below).

Upgraded to First Class, baby!

At the hotel. What doting?!

Jamie's friend was back, as always.

She's taking up modeling.

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