Monday, August 31, 2020

Day 172

Everyone goes to school today. In fact, everyone goes to school full schedule today and all week, and the next week, etc. Hallelujah! Nana and Papa did some running around errands, doctor visits, etc. and finished up with lunch at Marigold. Gotta love that 2-for-1 cocktail Monday! The big deal of the day was the twins first organized sports activity - soccer! What a hoot. Looks like they have a great coach for this group. Of course, the twins look like they're in the wrong age group. They stayed engaged the entire practice, most of which Jonny was grinning from ear to ear. David was fully engaged as well, but a little more serious, and he got hurt a bit towards the end which slowed him down momentarily. All the soccer pics are here. Tracy whipped up some corn bread and chili for dinner. Tonight's movie: Morning Glory.

He was actually eating.

He was grinning.

He was belly laughing.

Sunday, August 30, 2020

Day 171

TimberCreek Church was the morning activity. The rest of the day was fairly low key (assuming we're remembering everything.

They still do book covers from paper bags!?


Saturday, August 29, 2020

Day 170

I delighted in the change of weather today. Never got out of the 60s, and some rain and lightning to add to the excitement. I actually wore a beanie outside to stay warm. This made me start to think of the value of change. It's good to have change, or certainly can be. Seasons are fun. Day to day changes in weather are fun, or at least interesting. Probably more importantly, I began to realize what changes in myself have occurred lately. Change often leads to learning about something, and I get animated when I study something (and I've had the great privilege to have gotten into learning from Dennis Prager). Especially, I have come to realize, it's especially good when new learning adds wisdom to my life. One of the reasons, I think, that all this lockdown stuff, now 170 days old, is OK is that it has opened up doors to learning and doing different things that may have never happened without it. Of course, I do realize all change is not necessarily good. But one can at least try "to make the most of it." Fishing became even more of a thing in this family during the lockdown. Matt took the five littles fishing today at Palmer Lake. They were out for hours. Caught 34 fish! Each kid caught fish, including the littlest. And they thought they were just fishin'. I did today's Parlor Car Chat on the three garden railroads Dad and I (mostly Dad) built in California. I'm doing two online programs these days, the other being a God is Good course. I am a teacher at heart, and a large part of why I love sharing things with people is that I learn so much myself in preparing for the sessions. I've always said, "if you want to really learn something, prepare to teach it." Even if you never teach it in any formal sense, it works for you. The three older gals in the family went "into the Out" today. Look out world. By the way, AJ, I saw a post on Facebook today that led me to a place that rents kayaks: Pikes Peak Outfitter (across the highway from CostCo). Matt grilled up some steaks for dinner to which we added a couple tasty Black Rooster Chiantis. Tonight's movie: The House.

Major score on big puzzles.

Jonny and Lexi color project.

Parlor Car Chat: Garden Railroads

Friday, August 28, 2020

Day 169

OK, so only one pic today. But it's something of a biggy. Tracy tells me it's been tough finding 2000+ piece puzzles these days (and you know what I mean by "these days"). So there I was at Barnes and Noble and what did I spot as I passed through the puzzles and games aisle? That's right, the puzzle pictured below. And the only reason I have that pic is because I texted that pic to Tracy from the store to make sure she did not already have it. While I was there (actually, why I was there), I ordered what I think is the longest titled book I've ever gotten: Expository Dictionary of Bible Words: Word Studies for Key English Bible Words Based on the Hebrew and Greek Texts. One of the many intriguing things about Prager's Rational Bible series are the fascinating discussions of what the original Hebrew actually said or meant. Without knowing that, it would often be hard to grasp the important message(s). I had a very nice lunch at La Baguette French Bistro with Alicia and Barb from the the Give! Campaign. This was to celebrate our finishing the first and biggest round of de-duping (removed about 17,000 records!). We enjoyed getting to know each other (first time in person since we began this project back in March) and planned a little about the next step(s). Then off to Flying Horse Foundation for the first day of the new schedule. It rained all afternoon and evening (million-dollar rain), so we did indoor stuff including soccer in the arena - that was a hoot. Movie release day! The movie Jamie is in, Voices from Beyond Veil: The Story of God, Humanly Speaking (another long title), was released today. Click here for the trailer. The baby's eating baby food much better these days; not sure about the cereal stars, however. Matt made homemade torilla chips and taco stuff for dinner, yum! Tonight's movie: The Guest.

Thursday, August 27, 2020

Day 168

Our day started off with a little show by AJ. He wanted to share a song with us that he'd just learned. So, everyone's now been to their First Day of School. There was some test-taking at school today and that's it for this week. Everyone (except Fina) goes back in-person and full-time starting Monday. Lynn and Jamie had dinner at Ted's Montana Grill. OMG, did that hit the spot! Bison braised ribs, buttered carrots, garlic mashed potatoes. The Reguscis had take-out from Olive Garden, and I guess that hit the spot as well. We wrapped up the RNC Convention, then off to bed.

Ted's Montana Grill

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Day 167

Pancakes for breakfast! Pool time this morning, 9-12. Too bad AJ missed it as this is his First Day of School. Fina continues online school activities. And the baby and the dogs do their thing all day long, as usual. Day 3 of the Republican convention. Tonight's movie: Did You Hear About the Morgans?.

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Day 166

Today, it's Jonny's and David's turn to do their First Day of School. Jamie did the Abraham session of his God is Good course this evening.

Monday, August 24, 2020

Day 165

Today was the first of several official Back to School Days. Because of the staggered start (twins go tomorrow, AJ goes on Wednesday). Today it was Matteo, Lexi, and Fina - the first two in person and Fina, well, see the photo below. She's both recovering from surgery and doing 100% online. Jamie and Lynn whipped up some steaks with a mushroom cream sauce and leeks au gratin for dinner from one of their favorite and well-worn French cookbooks by Paul Brocuse. Their was a notation on the leeks page that we first used it in 1983 for a dinner with Jamie's sisters and her hubby. This is actually our second copy of the book, the first one was literally worn out. We transferred the notes in the old one to this new one. Tonight's movie: Into the Forest (an apocalypse movie with no zombies or the like, just a 3-person family trying to survive in their nice home in the woods). Side note: Jamie's Starbucks card developed issues, auto-pay just stopped working and neither phone nor email contact provided a fix. Oh well, he said, "I wasn't real thrilled with supporting them over local anyway." Sayonara.

He got a huge kick out of a balloon tied to his brace.

COVID Cuts for Jamie and the twins.

AJ gets some peach cobbler, and ice cream!

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Day 164

We were a little spread out for church today. Fina is still resting at home from her surgery, and Nana is still doing her concussion therapy. Matteo stayed home to get some placement tests done before his first day of school tomorrow. Jamie got a day off from the safety team so he played utility, making runs for this or that, helping Matteo (not much, actually, but he was available), etc. After church, Matt got a hankerin' for the Dog House, so off we went. Then we visited Bass Pro for some shoes for Matteo. And maybe the best part of the day, Nana and Matteo made peach cobbler from the Kiwanis peaches we picked up yesterday (and Jamie got ice cream). Tonight's movie: The Sleepover. Cute.

Saturday, August 22, 2020

Day 163

We picked up our annual Kiwanis peaches. Cobbler or pie is on the way! They had quite the assembly line going. AJ's baseball team played for the championship today. They ended up 2nd place for the season. They had a great coach who knew how to coach kids, and win sometimes. AJ had a great game today. He nailed the first pitch on his first time up, but it went straight to the pitcher. He smacked it again his second/last time up and this time got a base hit. He made it around to third, but alas, the game ended with him on third. A few more game pics are here. Tracy got Sasquatch Cookies to celebrate the game. Pretty warm and smoky day today (from the forest fires). Fina continues to recover and Lexi continues removing rings from her Back-to-School Advent Chain. Hot dogs and grilled onions for dinner (plus a little linguica if you wanted). Tonight's movie: The Art of War.

Kiwanis peaches pickup.