Monday, August 10, 2020

Day 151

Big day for Matteo... He and a small family contingent visited the Evangelical Christian Academy for a tour, looking at school options for the Fall. Turns out it's much like SLOCA where he and some siblings attended a couple years back in California. Jamie taught there a couple years, too. Matteo was excited enough about going here to put up with a more stringent dress code. Lexi makes her own party when there isn't one otherwise. One quilt is done! Jamie, Lynn, and Fina went up to Wheat Ridge (near Golden) to have dinner with Rachel in the aftermath of Danya's passing. The Rambling Rose turned out to be AOK! Was pretty fun catching up a little. Fina had us stop at a Fat Shack on the way out of Wheat Ridge. OMG. We all agreed the deep fried Oreo one was the best (of the three we tried).

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