Monday, August 24, 2020

Day 165

Today was the first of several official Back to School Days. Because of the staggered start (twins go tomorrow, AJ goes on Wednesday). Today it was Matteo, Lexi, and Fina - the first two in person and Fina, well, see the photo below. She's both recovering from surgery and doing 100% online. Jamie and Lynn whipped up some steaks with a mushroom cream sauce and leeks au gratin for dinner from one of their favorite and well-worn French cookbooks by Paul Brocuse. Their was a notation on the leeks page that we first used it in 1983 for a dinner with Jamie's sisters and her hubby. This is actually our second copy of the book, the first one was literally worn out. We transferred the notes in the old one to this new one. Tonight's movie: Into the Forest (an apocalypse movie with no zombies or the like, just a 3-person family trying to survive in their nice home in the woods). Side note: Jamie's Starbucks card developed issues, auto-pay just stopped working and neither phone nor email contact provided a fix. Oh well, he said, "I wasn't real thrilled with supporting them over local anyway." Sayonara.

He got a huge kick out of a balloon tied to his brace.

COVID Cuts for Jamie and the twins.

AJ gets some peach cobbler, and ice cream!

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