Monday, August 3, 2020

Day 144

Eww, gross! Anyway... The Fosters arose slowly, gently, and made their way to Buttermilk for breakfast, a new restaurant just down the hill that opened recently where a Japanese restaurant closed not long ago. Nothing fancy, but good breakfast food and full bar. The fried green tomato benedict is pretty yummy. Then off to Sew-in-Tune in Monument for more fabric. Quilters are not really good at sequential; they have to have parallel projects for some reason. Well, similar and fast approaching deadlines force this issue sometimes. The Reguscis and Gibsons (Gibguscis) got a half-day in at the Gaylord facilities (till 2pm) then both families were on their merry way. The Reguscis got home right about dinner time when the Fosters were just finishing up a little rib eye dinner. Tracy turned right around and went to a TimberCreek meeting. The rest of us pretty much coasted, except for Fina who whipped up a very yummy batch of blueberry muffins.

Only a couple border strips to go.

The next quilt.

The Gibguscis over the years.

Fina made blueberry muffins - big hit. Lots of butter.

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