Saturday, August 29, 2020

Day 170

I delighted in the change of weather today. Never got out of the 60s, and some rain and lightning to add to the excitement. I actually wore a beanie outside to stay warm. This made me start to think of the value of change. It's good to have change, or certainly can be. Seasons are fun. Day to day changes in weather are fun, or at least interesting. Probably more importantly, I began to realize what changes in myself have occurred lately. Change often leads to learning about something, and I get animated when I study something (and I've had the great privilege to have gotten into learning from Dennis Prager). Especially, I have come to realize, it's especially good when new learning adds wisdom to my life. One of the reasons, I think, that all this lockdown stuff, now 170 days old, is OK is that it has opened up doors to learning and doing different things that may have never happened without it. Of course, I do realize all change is not necessarily good. But one can at least try "to make the most of it." Fishing became even more of a thing in this family during the lockdown. Matt took the five littles fishing today at Palmer Lake. They were out for hours. Caught 34 fish! Each kid caught fish, including the littlest. And they thought they were just fishin'. I did today's Parlor Car Chat on the three garden railroads Dad and I (mostly Dad) built in California. I'm doing two online programs these days, the other being a God is Good course. I am a teacher at heart, and a large part of why I love sharing things with people is that I learn so much myself in preparing for the sessions. I've always said, "if you want to really learn something, prepare to teach it." Even if you never teach it in any formal sense, it works for you. The three older gals in the family went "into the Out" today. Look out world. By the way, AJ, I saw a post on Facebook today that led me to a place that rents kayaks: Pikes Peak Outfitter (across the highway from CostCo). Matt grilled up some steaks for dinner to which we added a couple tasty Black Rooster Chiantis. Tonight's movie: The House.

Major score on big puzzles.

Jonny and Lexi color project.

Parlor Car Chat: Garden Railroads

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