Saturday, August 1, 2020

Day 142

Jamie and Lynn's big outing of the day, following Jamie's Parlor Car Chat on the topic of the speeder excursion he did in Colorado in 2017, was to lunch at Jake and Tellys Greek Taverna in Old Colorado City. Really fun and quite authentic! We were inspired to find a Greek place after watching My Big Fat Greek Wedding the other night. Later, the Fosters also enjoyed the adult pool at the club; don't see that very often. The Reguscis continue partying at the Gaylord with the Gibsons.

Jamie's Parlor Car Chat - details/links

That's Jake and Telly.

Coconut rum (or Ouzo), blue CuraƧao, pineapple juice, orange slice, and a cherry.

Saganaki: flaming kasseri cheese.

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