Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Day 160

Guess who got her learner's permit today! Papa took her out for a first time on the road. One hour down, 49 (plus) to go! Lexi loves playing card games like the one pictured below. This passion developed while Aunt Vickie was here a couple weeks ago and shows no sign of diminishing. Matteo had an online orientation with his new school this morning. He's probably got the biggest change this year as he's going to a new (for us) private school, Evangelical Christian Academy (ECA) - it's a classical education, Latin and all, much like SLOCA was back in CA, though ECA is overtly Christian. We weren't big on the options DCC had for middle school (Matteo) this year. At this point, ECA is planning on full-time in the classroom. Fina, as you may recall, is doing pretty much everything online but in such a way as to allow her to do extra-curricular stuff, e.g. improv and theatre, should those become available. The littles (Lexi through AJ) are going back to DCC which also is planning on mostly in the classroom (though as many as 30% have opted to stay home and do online which gets the in-classroom teacher-student ratio down to a much better level). Jamie went out to the Ranch for his horse program volunteering this afternoon, but alas none of the kids showed up. It is a weird in-between time with schools starting up, orientations anyway, and the like. I guess the whole schedule is being reworked at the Ranch. No loss though, Jamie had a great chat with Katie about the horse program, and the horses themselves in particular. Like, how do you "qualify" a horse to be trusted around kids that weigh as little as 5% of what the horse weighs? And I'm not sure who's less predictable, a horse or a kid. Anyway, she went to Cal Poly SLO (love that school, Trevor went there) in the Ag department and then got a Masters in social work. She's been pretty hands-on in the horse and horse-therapy world for 20+ years! Tracy is continuing her painting rampage on the mud room through living room; I'll get a little photo collage of all that tomorrow, I promise.

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