Monday, August 31, 2020

Day 172

Everyone goes to school today. In fact, everyone goes to school full schedule today and all week, and the next week, etc. Hallelujah! Nana and Papa did some running around errands, doctor visits, etc. and finished up with lunch at Marigold. Gotta love that 2-for-1 cocktail Monday! The big deal of the day was the twins first organized sports activity - soccer! What a hoot. Looks like they have a great coach for this group. Of course, the twins look like they're in the wrong age group. They stayed engaged the entire practice, most of which Jonny was grinning from ear to ear. David was fully engaged as well, but a little more serious, and he got hurt a bit towards the end which slowed him down momentarily. All the soccer pics are here. Tracy whipped up some corn bread and chili for dinner. Tonight's movie: Morning Glory.

He was actually eating.

He was grinning.

He was belly laughing.

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