Sunday, August 16, 2020

Day 157

It's Sunday, so off to church. Tracy and Kids Crew had its largest population since the re-opening a few weeks ago. At home, things remain puzzling. Working on the huge bowl of fresh corn kernels that Lynn chopped of the cob a few days ago, Matt did some corn and bacon sauted in bacon grease. Oh, yes, please. And it came with some kielbasa and mustard. Another smoke-colored sunset. Tracy's repainting the living room, kitchen, and mud room areas. That project just popped up out of nowhere. And Fina found the ring in her candle! Jackpot Candles. Fosters watched the Les Miserables movie (2012) last night; what a great movie that is. Just as gripping and spectacular as the stage version, amazing cast.

There were even more on the grass.
And 5th/6th met further up the hill.

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