Saturday, April 29, 2017


Look who got to go (because Serafina and the rest of the women-folk were wrapped up with Annie)? It's OK, there's another group going in July (assuming Serafina doesn't have another role by then...).

Friday, April 21, 2017

Annie (Kelrik)

Leapin' lizards, that was fast. Kelrik's production of Annie opened tonight. Seems like rehearsals only started a few weeks ago. Oh wait, they did start just a few weeks ago! Despite all kinds of tech issues, the show was a delight to watch thanks to the performances by the entire cast. Great bunch of people.

A few more pics are here.

Annie, Mrs. Greer, Sandy, Sandy's handler.

Daddy Warbucks, Annie, Bert Healey.

Daddy Warbucks, Annie, Ms. Hannigan, Grace.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter 2017

It was a big weekend. Egg Hunt with the cousins on Saturday, then church and baskets with the nuclear family on Sunday. Then there was a sub-set of us later attending the closing show of The Nerd at the SLO Little Theatre and Jonny ending up in the hospital late afternoon for leg and walking issues (the operating theory at the moment is viral or severe vaccine reaction, and will go away). And let's not forget that Matt's business partner, Valmir, and family dropped by Saturday evening for a quick visit while on their west coast vacation trip.

Easter egg hunt with the cousins on Saturday (photos)

Easter Sunday baskets (photos)

Sunday, April 9, 2017

RIP in Santa Cruz

The whole fam damily put Robob to rest in the Pacific Ocean off Santa Cruz this weekend (April 7-9, 2017). Despite some colder and rainier weather than ideal, we all had a super time, including some outdoor activities like the Boardwalk and swimming (at the hotel pool). Robob created quite a legacy. There were cousins galore, as you can plainly see...

We stayed at Santa Cruz Villas on Front Street (and nearby Beach Street Inn) maybe a block from the water and directly by the pier. And, a short walk to the Boardwalk, which we enjoyed thoroughly despite a few raindrops. We only did one meal "out," at Betty's Burgers on Pacific Avenue. The 3rd generation Betty owns and runs it now (interestingly, though, neither Mom nor Grandmom was named Betty). From the Villas, we had an excellent view of the Start/Finish line of Sunday's Santa Cruz Half Marathon.

All the pics are here.

Member since 1964.

Cotton candy on the Boardwalk.

We just barely caught all the cousins in one place at one time.