Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Day 398

It was a little rough getting Matteo off to school this morning, but we did it. Good thing, too, as his class went on a field trip to the Zoo today! Nana and Papa visited a favorite place for dinner, Bistro on 2nd in Monument. And again, we ended up in a corner of a room we've not been in before. The food was great as usual. Fina used one of the foster kid's feeding apparatus to dry out a flower from a boy. Nana took Lexi and Jonnie to swim lessons. They also started season 2 of 24.

"Citrus Elderflower"

Halibut (top), Elk tenderloin (bottom)

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Day 397

Very cold walk to school with AJ today. Looks like a somewhat colder week and lots of precipitation of one kind or another. Lynn showed up for jury duty, she and about 50 other people. They spent all day there and finally the jury was selected late afternoon. Lynn was in the final 18 but did not make the 12+2 cut. She had mixed feelings, but it was to be a 2-week manslaughter trial so probably just as well. At "horse PT," David limbo'd and did math (fractions!) on horseback (at StableStrides)! Broiled sprouts and grilled chicken for dinner. Nana and Papa finished the first season of 24 (there are quite a few more seasons...).

Monday, April 12, 2021

Day 396

Monday morning, everyone off to school! Nana and Papa visited the Atmosphere Gastropub for lunch. Uniquely good food. Today it was lobster tots and buffalo pork legs. And, see that third beer down? Excellent; never had anything quite like it. This posted list changes often; it's fun. AJ enjoyed another after-school art class. Lexi noticed that the downstairs door to the patio was locked, so she unlocked it for me and came and told me. What a sweetheart. 

Putting away the CostCo stuff.

Homework assignment came in late this evening.

Twins favorite today.

Sunday, April 11, 2021

Day 395

While the rest of the crew did the Sunday morning church things, Jamie headed out to Calhan, CO for a workday at a railroad depot that the Rocky Mountain Railroad Historical Society is trying to preserve (photos). Fina closed her show last night (see poster image below). Lexi had a great deal to say to Papa around the fire this evening. And all AJ can talk about these days is his upcoming birthday. Nana and Papa have gotten into re-watching 24 (a TV series).

Stenciling the caboose at Calhan, CO.

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Day 394

Jamie hosted another Parlor Car Chat today, this one about the California Shortline Railroad Association presented by executive director Don Norton. Jamie's been their webmaster for over a decade. AJ had a baseball game today, for which he's been doing quite a bit of prep and conditioning lately. They won. We had a very rare dining event today: ALL of us out at a restaurant together! At Walter's Pizza. Jamie and Lynn picked up supplies for Jamie's outing to the Calhan Depot tomorrow. Fina's show closed tonight, and I understand they did get to have a cast party of sorts at a park.

Friday, April 9, 2021

Day 393

AJ and Papa found out it was much colder than it appeared walking to school this morning. Windy! Even the car-driven folks were chilled. Flying Horse Foundation activities today included a visit to the two-week-old and her mom. They're Percherons, and the foal will eventually be the same mottled gray. Nana and Papa got to see The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time tonight, the Spring DCC High School play - live and in person! First live theater for us since COVID began; felt so good. Fina co-choreographed the final dance number AND understudied ALL 5 female roles. While I never really got into the story itself (Nana did big time), every aspect of the production was fabulous: set, blocking, acting, accents, timing, movement, etc. Bravo! See the Theatrics page.

Thursday, April 8, 2021

Day 392

Our last outing with Sandy and Syd (before their return to CA) was to the new U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Museum downtown. If you're into the Olympics, you need to go. If you're interested in the latest technologies for museums of any kind, you need to go. And I didn't mind that we ate lunch overlooking a rail yard beneath us, a park across the way, and Pikes Peak in the background. Pretty good food at their Flame Cafe, too. AJ got going today on using the new exercise bike. Tonight's movies: The Sapphires and The Founder, both real-lifers.

Fina's show at DCC opened tonight: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. Fina co-choreographed the one dance number in the show and understudied all five female roles! See the Theatrics page. Sorry for the lack of pics; I wasn't asked to photograph a dress rehearsal this time.

I could read the Hebrew despite the unusually
shaped lamed (in my limited experience).

We ate more Wheaties just because of this.