Tuesday, May 21, 2019


It started yesterday afternoon and was still snowing this morning. Our biggest single-day snow of the season, pushing a foot deep. And very wet/heavy. It'll all be gone in a couple days, we hope.

Welcome home, Sam!

The pool facilities at the club were all ready; had a soft opening
a few days ago. Supposed to open big time this weekend...

Early on, yesterday afternoon.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Advanced Choir Concert Spring 2019

Fina's final choir concert of middle school was tonight. And we thoroughly enjoyed it. We expect Fina's group to be good, but the concert was wonderful all around. Couldn't believe the sound they got out of the boys groups! Bravo to all! Program (PDF).

Nana was taking the pics!

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Lynn Foster, official Train Chaser

Lynn became an official train chaser today after quickly crossing a busy road on crutches and broken foot to catch a glimpse of #4014 and #844 leaving Ogden, UT on its return to Cheyenne, WY. It was pure happenstance that we happened to be at the right place at the right time on our way out of town.

A few more of these pics here.

The rest of the day's story...

Jody's Diner in Evanston, WY

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Our home on the way home:
The Elizabeth Hotel in Fort Collins, CO

The whole place has a retro music theme. Very cool.
Every room had one.

Very fun restaurant.

Fabulous way to do the cucumber garnish!

Bison Bourguignon.

You could grab an instrument and/or vinyl and take to your room.

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Road to Promontory

Nana and Papa set out last Wednesday on a road trip that would take them ultimately to Promontory Summit, UT for the 150th anniversary of the Golden Spike ceremony commemorating the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad. Let's tell the story of this trip with pictures, captions, and links. We'd recommend all these establishments.

First, though, the train related stuff is over on ToShinyRails:
Ogden, UT, Big Boy #4014 and #844
150th Golden Spike anniversary at Promontory Summit, UT
Caught #4014 and #844 leaving Ogden

Coyote Creek Steakhouse and Saloon
Rock Springs, WY

Cowboy Donuts, Rock Springs, WY

The Greenery Restaurant, Ogden, UT.
Known for Mormon Muffins.

There was a wall of these photos in the hallway
where the Greenery and the quilt shop were located.
Kept Jamie busy.

My Heritage Fabrics, Ogden, UT

The view from our spot in Eden, UT (a little northeast of Ogden)

Same spot, interior view.

Mad Moose Cafe, uniquely good coffee

Mad Moose Cafe, Eden, UT

Carlos & Harley's, Eden, UT. Loved the decor. Good food, too.

Interesting geology just north of I-80 along I-84.

New World Distillery, Eden, UT

Now called Midway Wool

Midway Wool

Midway Mercantile, fantastic drinks and appetizers

The Links restaurant next door to our spot in Eden.

The view from our table at the Links.

We had tickets for the Heber Valley Railroad today,
but alas, a derailment canceled the 3pm excursion.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

On the Way to Promontory Summit

Nana and Papa took off this morning for Promontory Summit, Utah, site of the Golden Spike ceremony memorializing the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad 150 years ago this Friday (May 10, 1869). Here are some moments leading up to and along the way... If you're ever in Fort Collins, CO looking for interesting food, try the pot pies at Waltzing Kangaroo (off the beaten path, small, and not much ambiance, but very good Australian pot pies, and all kinds of them).

AJ and Papa replaced this worn out kart wheel.

Rosie's Diner in Monument

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Dinner tonight in Rock Springs, WY: Coyote Creek Steakhouse