Sunday, October 25, 2020

Day 227

After a last look at Bryce Canyon, we headed down highway 89 and then 9 west through Zion and into the St. George area to find our next home away from home, Coral Springs Resort. Early on the trip we visited Sevier Coffee and caught them during the last nine minutes of their last day open for the season. Also along the way we spotted a small herd of bison - finally! Shortly after turning west on highway 9 we entered Zion National Park. Wow! Can't wait till we hit the park tomorrow. Soon after exiting the park we stumbled upon Balcony One, a restaurant in Virgin, UT that has been open a mere two weeks. And it was great! Ever had bacon on the bone?! Dinner was at the Stage Coach Grille, during which the power went out (very high winds). Ambience! All the Utah photos are here.

Sevier Coffee


Zion (just a tiny piece of amazing geology!)

Balcony One

Stage Coach Grille (after the power outage)

Coral Springs Resort

Saturday, October 24, 2020

Day 226

We went back to "town" for breakfast at Ruby's Inn. Spent the entire day wandering around Bryce Canyon. We took parts of two trails: Queen's Garden Trail and Navajo Loop Trail. It was really fun to get down into the "canyon" but getting back up was quite strenuous. We didn't notice quite how steep the descent was until we started back up! Dinner was at Bryce Canyon Pines about 15 minutes from the park. In the meantime, the Reguscis got a trip in to the pool. Good thing as winter weather is due tomorrow. The kids loved it (it's been a while since we went to the pool). All The Utah photos are here.

That's ours.

Ruby's Inn

Bryce Canyon Pines

Friday, October 23, 2020

Day 225

After getting Matteo to the bus stop and checking in with the rest of the family, Matt drove Lynn and Jamie to the airport for their Utah trip. Started to get a look at interesting topography quite a ways out from St. George, UT. Had lunch at a really fun place in St. George, Painted Pony. Then on to Bryce Canyon. The cabins were perfect, and ours was just about the closest one to the rim of the non-canyon canyon, about a one-minute walk. Since we had a late lunch we just stocked up on some cheese and wine and settled into our cabin for the night.

First glance about 45 minutes out from St. George, UT

Painted Pony

Our Bryce Canyon Cabin

First glance just after sunset.

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Day 224

Fairly normal day other than no school for elementary (end of quarter). So let's start their day with some reading. Matteo had a half-day, so he got to join Matt, Nana, and Papa at Atmosphere Gastropub for dessert (snickerdoodle cookie griddle with ice cream!). Jamie had his 2nd It's a Wonderful Life rehearsal, blocking the entire show. We're on a fast track with just 15 rehearsals including tech week. Lastly today, an evening of packing for Jamie and Lynn...

No school today, so let's start with some reading...

In-n-Out is getting there!

For whom in Toy Story 4?

What else do you do with old therapeutic shoes?!

Nana took this pic for David's school project: About Me.

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Day 223

Big furniture exchange today in the theater room. Out with the old and in with the new, or at least some of the new. Remember "Big Brown"? He served us well but is already at his new home. And some of our new stuff has already arrived here, too. The girl's loft area is also benefitting from the rearranging. Fina is finishing up her Little Bo Peep costume for Halloween. I guess making that bow from scratch was a bit challenging. The family is doing Toy Story 4 for Halloween.

Girls' loft area with new TV.

Little Bo Peep from Toy Story 4.

Big Brown

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Day 222

The theatre room got cleaned out today, including giving away some furniture, in preparation for a make-over. One of the things to go was a rocking chair that provided a lot of rocking in the day. As is often the case when Matteo stays after school for dodgeball, we picked up Chick-Fil-A for the whole fam damily on the way home.

High School 2020

Monday, October 19, 2020

Day 221

Amazingly normal day. And, the adults managed to get their voting done with a little Inspiration from Pear Valley Wines. Fina returned to dance today after a quarantine period high-school related. She and Jamie both got to say Hi to Bethanny for the first time after her wedding.

We were Inspired.