Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Day 475

We enjoyed the Vespera on Pismo Beach as long as we could then headed back up to Paso Robles for a couple days of wine tasting, one with Bob and Sandy. We mosied around downtown Paso a while, had lunch at Taste, then headed to our digs for the next couple of days, Allegretto. We spent a couple hours scouting Epoch Winery to see if they were worthy of being put on our schedule; they were. Then back to the Allegretto, dinner at Cello, a visit to the hot tub, and that's it. The photos for today start here.

One last view of the ocean from Vespera.

Painted flower pots are a thing in Paso Robles.
Courtyard at Allegretto.

Over 2,000 years old, a sequoia.

Epoch Winery

The view from our room at Allegretto.

Allegretto's restaurant, Cello.

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Day 474

It was a day with the Foster grands in Pismo Beach, and as you might imagine, the big event was exploring the beach. We found all kinds of stuff from shells to live clams and crabs, to big jellyfish and more. And we made it all the way up to where Papa Jamie used to lead geology tours on the beach (PDF). Then lunch at the hotel and swimming! We finished up with ice cream at Doc Burnstein's and dinner with including Trevor and Jen at Las Cazuelas in Nipomo. Today's photos start here.

The jacaranda at Cazuelas was in full bloom.

Monday, June 28, 2021

Day 473

Nana and Papa had a nice lazy morning in Pismo, including a short walk along the boardwalk, out onto the pier, and around downtown a little. The main activity for the day was Danya's memorial service up in Atascadero. Lynn offered the opening prayer. It was basically the same group as Lee's service a couple days ago but with Matt and his friends added. Candace joined the Fosters for a stop at Saucelito Winery and dinner at Giuseppe's. Then a quiet evening at their home away from home, Vespera on Pismo Beach.

Meanwhile, back at the Compound, The Sound of Music had its 7th performance tonight, one more tomorrow night.

Vespera as seen from the pier.

The old Carats and Crystals location.

Saucelito Winery

Dinner at Giuseppe's

"Home" for the night.

Our Nun and Kurt

Sunday, June 27, 2021

Day 472

We headed back to the coast from Visalia and went directly to a favorite spot for breakfast, Luna Red. We had a couple hours before showtime, so we strolled the town. It's changed. Lots of new hotel-type stuff, but also lots of vacant shop spaces. But there's now Axe Throwing! We caught a show, a real live theater production, at! It was a hoot with some of our faves: Suzy Newman, Jeff Salsbury, and Billy Breed. Then we caught up with Zach and Rebecca for an incredible meal at Mistura (where Foremost used to be). Fabulous Peruvian restaurant; the dessert was remarkable! Then on to the Vespera on Pismo Beach, thank you, Tracy and Matt! Today's photos start here.

Luna Red

Interesting outdoor seating setup.

Lone boot along the creek walk.

Axe throwing in downtown SLO

Unbelievable dessert at Mistura

View from our room at Vespera on Pismo Beach

Saturday, June 26, 2021

Day 471

Today was the gravesite dedication (morning) and memorial service (afternoon) for Lynn's brother, Lee. He passed away last year (unrelated to COVID) and we were just now able to all get together. It was a tough day for Lynn (and others), but we all pulled through, and it certainly was a fun day for catching up with everyone. She did a great job with her "Family Memories" talk, including a surprise chuckle from everyone when she mentioned Lee driving on mountain roads. There was a lunch at the church between services, then off to swimming at the hotel pool and ice cream at Rite-Aide! Click here for a video review of Lee's life made for the service. Pictures with one or two young boys and a girl are Lee, older brother Craig, and younger sister Lynn! All of today's photos start here.

Meanwhile, back at the Compound, the Sound of Music cast and crew did three shows today! Fina was in all three (14 hours!), AJ two. Good reports keep coming in...

From the video...

Where most of us out-of-towners stayed.

All the grandkids

Laurie shared some Hailey Facetime with Hannah. 

Ice cream!

Friday, June 25, 2021

Day 470

It was a travel day for Nana and Papa... Off to Visalia for Lee's memorial services (at which Lynn is speaking). We met up with Trevor and Jen and crew at McLintock's Saloon in the Village of Arroyo Grande, a favorite every Saturday haunt for the whole clan when Robob was with us. However, it was profoundly different, not in a good way. The walls had been painted an antiseptic white that obliterated all the ranch brands that had been on the walls. It was about as exciting as a Denny's. And there was virtually no one there. Bummer. We made our reservation time at the Vintage Press in Visalia for dinner (after some swimming in the pool!). We had been there decades ago, but it seemed practically a brand new experience for us, at least for Jamie. Robob was always very proud to take folks there when in Visalia. Great food, great service, great fun. And Trevor selected a Justin Isosceles which turned out to be the perfect choice for this meal. Today's photos start here.

Meanwhile, back at the Compound, shenanigans are occurring and we officially have a nursing student. And The Sound of Music opened to rave reviews.

McLintock's Saloon in the Village

Shenanigans back in Colorado

Vintage Press in Visalia

Officially our nursing student!

Thursday, June 24, 2021

Day 469

Nana and Papa walked a few blocks to The Landsby for a wonderful breakfast in Solvang. Note the Nana-style llama painting in the lobby. It was winery day in Santa Ynez and we first visited Sunstone Winery. Lovely spot to hang out for a while tasting wines, and the red blends turned out to be quite appealing. And two, Eros and Rapsodie, had James Paul Brown artwork on the bottles that Lynn recognized right away. Robob had some pieces of Brown which got passed down to Candace's family, so we got her a bottle. We got a couple others, too, for our artsy friends in SLO. We were still too full from breakfast to get anything at the Lucky Hen Larder which Trevor and Jen recommended (along with Sunstone), but the smells were fabulous. We did manage to buy a portable "fireplace" a few doors down, however. Then on to Vincent Winery, a high-end new winery also with some good wine, great nibbles, and a very comfy spot to sit and enjoy. We sent home a case. We finished the day with a nap followed by dinner at a favorite spot, Trattoria Grappolo in Santa Ynez. Today's photos start here.

Landsby breakfast
A Nana llama

Sunstone Winery

by the Luck Hen Larder

Courtyard and pool at the Kronborg Inn

Trattoria Grappolo

A James Paul Brown on a Sunstone blend