Thursday, August 20, 2020

Day 161

Guess who got her tonsils out today. She got home AOK and is just chillin'. So is all the ice cream in the fridge. The blue walls of the bathroom off the kitchen will remain. All the tan-with-dark-tan-trim from the mudroom through the living room is being replaced with off-white-with-even-whiter-trim. Lexi got some art work done today, of course. And, she removed yet another link from her Back to School Advent Chain; the time draws near! The baby loved sitting up on Matt's feet and belly laughing while watching the dogs. On the other hand, the baby has not got his aim down very well for eating. Watched a great, hot off the press, movie last night: Irresistible. Pretty timely.

From Facebook, this teacher is ready. Reminded Jamie of what his student
teaching teacher always said, "Wowie, think of that."

Not even close.

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