Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Day 124

Jamie and Lynn completed their journey home from Idaho, but not before stopping for lunch at Scileppi's in Castle Rock. "Communion" is a drink they have: Hendrick's gin, elderflower liquor, lime juice, basil, and soda water. Love the creamy carbonara, too. Got home to find Aunt Vickie there. She's on her way to join up with some friends in Breckenridge, getting acclimated to the altitude here first.

Scileppi's is in the old stone church (1888).


Sunday School stuff is arriving.

Lexi's art area is out of control.

Sending a pic to Rob. Bacon! Lexi asked where Aunt Vickie's grandfather was.

Baked potato smorgasbord.

On to the next puzzle...

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