Saturday, July 25, 2020

Day 135

First semi-normal day in quite a while. Normal meaning everyone was doing their thing, some shopping, lots of kid activities. Aunt Vickie's leaving this morning marked the end of all the fun, special stuff. Even Matt out did Matt for getting creative for lunch. He whipped up a fabulous sausage/filet-filled, 2-cheese (pepper jack and mozarella), broiled sandwich that was fab. Not pictured is AJ and Matteo working several hours in the garage with their newly-arrived science kits. The baby tries bananas. Lexi just goes nuts over Old Mare (Old Maid). She's also working on her second ream of paper for art (since yesterday). AJ had a baseball game today, but I think much of it got rained out. But, they brought Taco Bell home for dinner! Schitz Creek has returned to the big screen.

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