Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Day 54

We learned first thing this morning that Lynn's brother, Lee, passed away overnight. He stopped breathing in his sleep and never awoke. It wasn't expected but wasn't a total surprise either; he had health issues. The family is mostly in California and other points west, but there is one daughter here in Aurora, CO.

Start of another e-learning week. Only 12 more days. Fina jumped on this week's ACT Spotlight challenge because dance and because an old theater friend, Trevyn, was leading it. It's for a M-W-F video show they've been putting out since the lockdowns called The Intermission Show. Each Monday their education group puts out a challenge for students and then pieces together all the submittals into a montage for the Friday show. Click here to see Fina's submitted video. Fina and Papa did many a show at SLORep back in California (see our Theater page). It's Lynn's turn to get her hair done today. The Regusci clan had homemade tacos while the Fosters did curbside pickup at Ted's Montana Grill (bison meatloaf!). Tonight's movie for Nana and Papa: Back to the Future.

Home inside the home. Inside with her she had a drink,
markers, post-its, scotch tape, all the creature comforts.

Jonny joined in the home-inside-a-home game.

The landscape crew is finding all kinds of sprinkler leaks.
Five of the guys moved one of the boulders to replace a crushed line.
And there are more broken lines...

Yes, that's Fina.

Learning the dance for ACT Spotlight.

Rock Cycle - love it!

Lynn's anxious to get the masks done so she can get back to quilting.

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