Monday, May 25, 2020

Day 74

It was a bit like the post-show blues. Had such a great weekend with the Jacobsen visit; today was very quiet. Tracy wrought a small miracle in the garage, rearranging and cleaning up from the stairs project. We put out a record pile of trash this evening for Tuesday morning pickup (delayed a day for Memorial Day). Enjoyed our beautiful new patio for a while after yesterday's rain. Fina had her first meal out at a restaurant since the lockdowns began. She went back to Kansas with the Jacobsens for a few days and then Hailey will be back out here for a week or so. Dinner was brisket, ceasar salad, and watermelon with a splash of mac-n-cheese for the kids. Tonight's movie: Couples Retreat.

The kitchen counter makes a terribly difficult surface to puzzle on.

We put out the little flags for Memorial Day.

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