Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Day 68

As quiet as yesterday was, today was busy. Tracy and Nana went at it on all the outside areas: the new patio, old patios, the courtyard, and the deck. Cleaning. De-cluttering. Re-arranging. Tracy took pics of old tables and chairs, put 'em online, and they were gone by dinner time. At day's end they ventured forth to Lowe's for cushions and plants. We'll see the results of those tomorrow. In the meantime, a couple guys were demo-ing the weird stairs in the garage in order to put in new ones tomorrow. Papa, Matteo, and AJ did a hike at Fox Run Park (which has become a favorite for AJ). See Day 58's Fox Run pics. The matching chairs for the Fosters' new kitchen table arrived. We did a wine tasting challenge tonight. A Regusci 2014 cabernet sauvignon (an old favorite) versus a Neal 2013 cabernet sauvignon (recommended as "maybe better" by the wine guy), both Napa Valley. Both retail low $40s. And they did turn out very comparable. Both yummy at the get go. But the Regusci outlasted the Neal after competing with each other and enjoying three very interesting cheeses (Italian herbs, horseradish, and Hatch chili). A Noble Tree Sonoma Valley cab made a good 3rd wine for the evening at half the price. Yours Truly got to enjoy a beautiful evening out on the new patio. The little white dot over the neighbor's house is Venus. Mercury was there, too, but very faint. Jupiter and the Sun were there, as well, but just below the horizon.

Out with the old stairs in the garage.

The interior courtyard is getting a makeover.

The puppies loved playing outside.

The kids loved playing outside, too, with the new Aqua Maze.

Our naturalist can't go by a pond these days with out checking things out.
See the skeeter (Gerridae)? Itself and its shadow.

By Thor's Hammer...

I think it was the hike that inspired Wingspan.

Two Napa Valley giants battle it out.

See Venus?

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