Friday, May 29, 2020

Day 78

Anticipation is building for the trip tomorrow to see Sam at Fort Riley, and deliver him some stuff of his from home. Matteo made pancakes for everyone for breakfast. You'd think we'd be drinking down the wine cabinet during this lockdown stuff, but ours has managed to grow to the point we had to organize it. Favorites include: Regusci (actually is related), Daou, Wolff, Pear Valley, Granzamy Champagne, Laetitia sparkling, Gambino, Alexander Valley red wines (the area, not just the one winery by that name), and black rooster chiantis,  Nana took a shot at grooming the puppies. They manage to get quite messy over time and getting in to the groomer has proven difficult; everyone wants their dog groomed! Jamie watched The Double tonight (Richard Gere and Topher Grace).

Tomatoes are coming along.

Fina's yearbook. She hasn't seen it yet, she's still in Kansas.

A breakthrough! Jamie and Lynn had dinner at the Club tonight!

All the new cushions are in place.

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