Thursday, May 7, 2020

Day 56

Penultimate school day of the week. Only two more weeks to go, but who's counting?! Sorry, didn't get many pics today, but took a fair amount of video. Maybe you'll see some of it later. Serafina's joining a virtual chorus ("long distance music project") to do a song (TBD) led by Jeannie Robbins (music director for Sister Act that Jamie was in last Spring, among lots of other music/theater credits). Matt and Jamie joined the weekly TimberCreek Security and Safety Team virtual meeting which we we've been doing almost every Thursday at 5pm since this lockdown stuff began. Great group of guys and it sure is nice to stay "in touch" somehow. By my calculations, our little team of two has about 50 hours in and at least 125 hours to go to complete the Give! database cleanup project. PF Chang's for dinner! Tonight's movie: The Italian Job.

Fun with geometric shapes.

Jamie's first rehearsal take for Voices Beyond the Veil (Village Arts).

Parlor Car Chats. Got the go ahead after a test run today with a couple people.
A new program for the San Luis Obispo Railroad Museum.

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