Thursday, May 14, 2020

Day 63

The three of us, Nana, Papa, and Fina, were at the club lodge all day. Don't know much about the goings on at home or at the Marriott. We started with breakfast at the French Kitchen: queenets and green chili quiche. The queenets are very popular at the French Kitchen and I could find almost zero info about them. They are super good (rich, sweet), come in various flavors (we had cinnamon cream), and have a hard glaze on them (like the top of a crème brûlée, but thinner). Wow! It was teriyaki night from the Club, Fina was quite excited. Tonight's movies (at the Lodge), both Hallmark: Kiss at Pine Lake and Time for You to Come Home for Christmas.

Jamie started reading Dennis Prager's new book, The Rational Bible: Genesis. So far, so good! It's actually the second book he's done in this series; Exodus was first. He did Exodus first because it contains what he thinks is the single most important element in the Torah (first five books of the Old Testament), the Ten Commandments.

The French Kitchen. With drone delivery!

Stormy evening at the Flying Horse Lodge.

The new coffee machine arrived at home!

Dancing for joy at Briargate. Nana and Fina got mani-pedis.

A Tower of Queenets from the French Kitchen.

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